4moms High Chair Giveaway + Toddler Snack Favorites

Our friends at 4moms sent us their brand new high chair to test out & review, and I have been patiently waiting to share it with you all! You know we have been huge fans of their brand for years, they really think outside the box when it comes to baby products, so I couldn’t wait to see how innovative this high chair was going to be. And it did not disappoint! 
A few key points on what makes this high chair so great. The tray is magnetic, so not only is it so easy to put on and off (don’t worry, it still latches in a way that your kids cannot take it off while they’re in it), but the top is magnetic too! 4moms makes compatible bowls & plates that will stick right to the tray to prevent your kiddos from flipping them over. Genius, right?! 🙂

The design is simple & modern, which I love, but it is also so functional. Eloise can climb up the steps on her own to get into it & we can adjust the height depending on which one of the girls is in it at the time. I love how wide the tray is, as opposed to our other high chair, some larger plates don’t fit on it, and the entire thing is super easy to clean. 4moms hit a home run with this chair, and we are so thankful to have been able to be one of the first to test it out! But now, it’s your turn to win one of your own!!! Head on over to my Instagram page @jlgarvin to enter, winner will be announced on Friday!

Also, on the topic of high chairs, I thought I would share a little update on a few of the things going on in our kitchen lately. Mainly, everyone’s favorite, SNACKS! 😉 If my kids could eat pirate’s booty for every snack of the day, they totally would, but I try to save that strictly for when we are out & about because it’s so easy to toss a few bags into my diaper bag. But at home, snack time can be a challenge, especially in trying to get the kids to eat something on the healthier side. So here are five of our favorite snacks that the girls are loving lately, and I’m usually not opposed to snacking on as well!
1. Apples + peanut butter. If I slice them in big flat circles, the girls will put their own peanut butter on with a spoon & like to add raisins or chocolate chips to “decorate them.” Messy, but a favorite.
2. Carrots + hummus. This is seriously my kids’ favorite food, they’re really into dipping anything into anything, so this works for them.
3. Greek yogurt + a scoop of Nutella. If you’ve ever wondered how to get your kids to gulp down healthy greek yogurt, just add a small scoop of Nutella & mix it together. Add a crushed graham cracker on top and it turns into dessert!
4. Sesame seed pretzels (you can find them at most grocery stores) + cucumber slices. Something about the salty + cold, refreshing combo, my girls go nuts for them.
5. Fruit smoothies. I feel like we go in waves with making smoothies, but right now all of the fruit at our local stores is so fresh it’s hard not to want to buy it all up & make everything with it. I buy whatever is on sale & throw it in the freezer for when we are ready to make smoothies, our favorite right now is frozen strawberries & peaches, with two ripe bananas & a splash of milk. And if you add in a handful of spinach, your kids will never even know! 😉 

Never a dull moment in our kitchen! Now go enter our giveaway, and have a great evening!! XO


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