Happy Birthday Eve, Eloise Ruby!

Our little Eloise is turning TWO tomorrow, I can hardly believe it!! Time has gone by so much faster with each baby, and these back to back birthdays are truly a reminder that each of these precious days with our little girls are numbered.
Eloise has always been our wild girl, but that also makes all of her emotions extra big, including how she loves. From her very first smile, we always said she gives it all she’s got, her whole face lights up. She runs with open arms into every hug, is the first to pucker up for a kiss & tells everyone she loves them “too much!” which just fits her so well. She tries our patience & pushes our buttons, but then turns on the charm & makes us forget all about it. She loves her sissies. She follows Harper’s every move & wants to be just like her, but is always looking out for baby Claire & trying to take care of her. She is the little comedian in our house too, she always knows when she is being funny & will do anything to make us all laugh. She is both a mama’s girl & a daddy’s girl, wherever there is love to give, she is first in line.
I’ve bonded differently with each of our girls, and would probably say that I bonded the quickest & easiest with Eloise from the day she was born. She was the birth that I was least nervous for, I sorta felt like I knew what to expect the second time around so I was just ready right from the start to have that newborn baby girl in my arms. She is also the most like me, in both looks & personality, so on days that she is challenging, I can only blame myself! 😉 This baby girl has stolen our hearts, day after day, and we can’t believe she is turning two tomorrow!

Nothing will quite bring you to tears like scrolling back through pictures of your babies, if I go missing for the rest of the afternoon, it’s because I have climbed inside Eloise’s crib to nap with her.

Her birthday party is Sunday, but tomorrow we plan to spoil her with a fun breakfast, playing at the soccer field & surprising her with some new wheels! We got her this radio flyer trike to match Harper’s so she can ride it when we go for walks, she is going to be so excited! 😉 She has been singing happy birthday to herself all morning, and when I asked her what she wanted she told me she wanted a coffee & a puppy named bingo-bongo. And that really couldn’t sum her up any better!
Eloise, words couldn’t even come close to explaining how much we love you. The happiness & love you bring to our family is out of this world, we are so blessed to call you ours!
Happy Birthday Eve, weezy squeezy! 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness. I really don't think she could be any cuter! The way you describe her little personality sounds just like my little one! Happy Birthday, Eloise!

  2. Happy Birthday, Eloise!! Since she is going to be two tomorrow, that means it's been almost two years since I first starting reading your blog (one of the first posts I ever read of yours was when she was a month old). I hope Eloise has a wonderful birthday!

  3. She is gorgeous. I love her little haircut with the bangs. My daughter just turned 3 Dec 28th and it is emotional going through baby pics, for sure. Time flies!

  4. She's not even my kid and I cried scrolling through her baby pictures. 🙂 I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her and the other girls grow up–you are one beautiful family. Happy birthday, sweet Eloise!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Eloise! It must be something about the second child – Sophia is rambunctious as ever. I feel like her and Eloise would make the stellar tag team pair between eating crayons and getting their second wind off coffee 😉

  6. She literally gets cuter with age…..You make the cutest little ladies ever!! LOVE the blog and can't wait to see when you update the "About Me" page, life is always changing for you and I absolutely love reading your blog #mommygoals

  7. This is just precious – just like Eloise! She will love reading these words when she is older. Those sweet pictures! I can't believe how quickly time passes and how fast they grow up. I look at my 2 month old and just know I'll forget these days and eventually do anything to have them back just for a few hours. I try to remember that every time I hold her.

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