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What a week!! We have been in the trenches over here with sick kiddos, again. I don’t think poor Harper ever fully recovered from the cold she had two weeks ago, because while we were out of town, she came down with a cough. I took her to urgent care late Tuesday, where they told us she may have had bronchitis, only to find out the next morning at our pediatrician that she actually had pneumonia. Our poor girl couldn’t go five seconds without coughing & struggling to catch her breath, she had a high fever & couldn’t keep any of her medicine down. It was 48 hours of tears, for all of us, but we are so happy to report that she is feeling so much better!! She has been back downstairs playing with her sissies, laughing & dancing, and feeling like her sweet little self again. She requested her favorite blueberry muffins & to watch Hocus Pocus. Love my girl! 😉
Our Cinco de Mayo was very low key, we made homemade guac & ate dinner outside to get some fresh air. We have been taking it easy & are hoping for all healthy babies by tomorrow morning.
I have never felt happier or more grateful for my family, a good way to kick off Mother’s Day weekend!!

 I wanted to share a few Friday Favorites that I have been bookmarking over the last two weeks, hope you enjoy!! 🙂

Current favorite kids book, Gaston, pictured above. Eloise is obsessed with saying all of the puppies names, Fi-foo and Wocky are my favorites.

Our friends over at Camp Brand Goods just launched their new Spring line, it’s soo good, AND includes new toddler items! 
Beyond excited for The Girl on the Train, it looks so good! Have you read the book? 🙂
The cutest orange print pajamas for summer, the print is so fun!!

Seriously obsessed with these slouchy basic tees, I wear mine all the time (shown in my last post paired with white jeans) & love all of the new colors!
A little Cinco de May inspired recipe, this healthy Cilantro Lime Chicken + Avocado Salsa is on our menu for the weekend. 
And nothing kicks off the weekend better than 20% off everything at Anthro! I ordered this coloring paper table runner, I think it would be so fun to use for a dinner party or brunch!

Wishing you all a very happy & blessed Mother’s Day weekend!!! XO


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  1. So glad to hear that Harper is feeling better! My five year old has asthma, so I know how scary it can be when they have trouble breathing. Have a great Mothers Day! You've certainly earned it!

  2. i hope harper feels better soon! you have such a lovely family and i look forward to reading your blog. you make me want to have another child lol! i have 2 right now. i love how sometimes it seems like such a circus yet you find joy and everything they do. children are definitely the most wonderful gift ever! through the years ive gotten to see a glimpse of your life with your children and you make motherhood so much more fun with all your ideas. so i thank you for sharing this with the world and i hope you have a happy mothers day!.. ps. eloise is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable and reminds me of my 2nd child

  3. Poor baby, so scary to have pneumonia. Hope she recovers fast. I read Girl on the Train and I feel like the trailer is different than I pictured it, but still of course want to see it… however, I still havent seen gone girl. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Do you have a recipe for those blueberry muffins? They look like the ones from Starbucks and they are my daughters favorite! I have been scouring the web for a similar recipe! Glad to hear Harper is doing better. Sick kids are no fun!

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