First Day of School!

Oh, my little darlings on their first day of school!! Tears were flowing this morning when I dropped these babies off. And not even tears from them. They were so brave, and so excited! I worried so much about Eloise, but at the end of the day, she just looks up to her big sister so much that she wanted to do exactly what Harper was going to do. The girls held hands as they climbed out of the car and walked into school with their teachers, and I sobbed into my coffee as I drove away.

I overheard Harper giving Eloise a pep talk about school yesterday, and it was one of the funniest conversations I have ever heard. It went something like this “…and if someone says you look pretty, you should say thank you! Ok Ells? And be very very nice, don’t be bad. And always say please and share your toys. And if you don’t like somebody’s shirt you just don’t even tell them. But you can tell them you like their hair!” Oh, the wise words of Harper!! 😉 Ha!

We filled out the following questions for them to take to school to share with their class, I loved their answers so much, I totally have to keep track of these every year or do them again on their birthdays!

How old are you: four. but I will be five at Balentine’s day.
What is your favorite food: pancakes and spaghetti.
What is our favorite toy: my dollhouse and play kitchen.
What do you like to do for fun: color and set the table.
What is your favorite color: pink and purple. but mostly pink.
What do you love most: my family and having a drink of grandma’s sweet tea.
Eloise  (or how she pronounces her own name ell-weez wuby gar-win)
How old are you: tee-oo.
What is your favorite food: a peanut butter sandwich.
What is our favorite toy: babies and blankeys.
What do you like to do for fun: go to target (died laughing, she is just like mama!)
What is your favorite color: blue
What do you love most: snacks.
I am so proud of them!! And so proud of myself for getting them to school on time! 😉 Sending lots of positive vibes to all of you mamas who sent your babies off to school for the first time this week, I’m not sure my heart will ever get used to all of their milestones and this whole growing up thing. 
As long as I’m living, my babies you’ll be. Happy first day of school, sweethearts!

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  1. Just curious because I am trying to decide if I should buy or not. I love the acrylic dollhouse shelf in Claire's room. I remember you saying that you will let them play with it one day. Is this the dollhouse that Harper plays with? Just want to know if it is big enough for them to actually use as a dollhouse.

  2. Eloise is too adorable! Hope they both had a great first day of school… I'm a new mom, she's now 7 weeks and I am already feeling the tears when I think about going back to work and not being with her, so I can only imagine how you feel! I remember growing up my parents would always tell me "you will always be the baby" I totally get what they meant now 😉

  3. You are my hero. End of story. You moved (HOMES!!) the weekend before school started. I can hardly manage to move from room to room that week. Go, Superhuman Garvin Power!!
    Have an awesome year!

  4. Natalie and Claire start Tuesday and will just go 4 days a week for about 2 1/2 hours a day… but I'm going to bawl. I can't handle them being grown up enough for preschool. Levi can never leave me.

  5. Oh my gosh that is just darling!! They are so adorable and I know what you mean – I cried last year too. And Jack is only in VPK (no tears from with one of us this year). Next year is "big boy school" with Kindgarten and I'm already feeling a little panicked!!! ?

  6. So cute!!! I never understood why moms cried on the first day of school. …now I get it. Well, my daughter is only nine months, but I can completely understand. I will cry into my coffee too. 🙂 I love these questions. I have a list ready to go when the time comes because it's absolutely adorable.

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