My Brother’s Wedding

This beautiful barn wedding in small town Iowa was one of the most beautiful that I have ever been to. My brother & his beautiful bride created such a gorgeous, laid back atmosphere, and you couldn’t help but feel in love. In fact, their wedding hashtag was #udderlyinlove (seriously how cute?!). It was on a small farm, in a beautiful wedding barn, with the most perfect weather & sunset that anyone could ever ask for.
Their ceremony didn’t start until 7:30, so the sun was beginning to set during their vows. Everyone came out early to mingle, they had their photos done early in the day, and hung out with everyone during cocktail hour before the ceremony began, which I thought was so fun of them to do! They had a beverage & popcorn station at the front of the lawn to take with you to your seat, I’ve never had a beer during a wedding ceremony before, pretty much the best way to treat your guests!! 😉 They walked down the aisle to one of their best friends singing “Thinking Out Loud” (perfection!) and instead of a unity candle, they planted a tree. So so so cute, I cried through the entire thing.
One of our most “hot mess” family photos of all time but I just love it so much because it was honestly such a beautiful night & we were so happy to be there with all of our family.
I was so excited to do a wedding chalkboard program for them, which they propped up against a ladder & flanked with burlap bags full of hydrangeas. We also made them a “MR” and “MRS” set of cornhole boards for their wedding gift, which they added to all of the yard games like yard jenga, horseshoes, etc. for guests to play between the wedding and reception. Every little detail was so sweet & thoughtful, big buckets of baby’s breath, an old typewriter for the guest book & well wishes, and an old fashioned soft serve ice cream bar instead of wedding cake. The night ended just as it should, us with the bride & groom and the rest of my family, passing around giant bottles of wine to finish, barefoot & rapping pitbull. Take me back!! It was just perfection, I am so proud of my baby brother & my new sister in law.
Congratulations Jordan & Emily, we love you two to pieces & wish you all the best!!! 🙂


  1. I left Iowa in my 20s and returned in my early 30s. The time away gave me an appreciation that I did not have when I left. Iowa summer and fall are spectacular. I really cannot explain my love of this state…beautiful vistas that are breathtaking and cozy at the same time. Of course January, February, and March remain a struggle but God made Hawaii and airplanes :). Glad you were able to spend some time with family in the Hawkeye state. Enjoy your blog!

  2. Gorgeous! If I got married again and I lived in a world where the catholic church served beers, I would definitely get the cocktail hour started before the ceremony 🙂 The chalkboard is amazing, as always, and I think the 'hot mess' family pictures are always the best anyway!

  3. Your brother married my prior bosses daughter. When she posted pictures the other night I was like, What the crap? I let her know I have been following your blog for years and that you are "famous" in my world ? Such a small world.

  4. Such a small world. My prior boss is Emily's mom, when she posted pictures the other night I realized it was the same wedding and made the connection and was like "Holy Crap. I have been following Jordan's sisters blog for years!!"

  5. The wedding sounds amazing! I love that they planted a tree, so cute!
    Could you share where you husband's shoes are from? Also, do you have a tutorial for the cornhole boards?


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