Halloween 2016

This was definitely our most fun Halloween yet! The girls ages right now are SO MUCH FUN, and they have been anticipating dressing up & trick or treating for weeks. Harper wanted to be a bunny (a bunny fairy to be exact) & I had the cutest old owl mask that we thought would be perfect for Claire, so we decided on forest animals for our family costume & loved how they turned out!! The animal ear crowns are from this etsy shop & the rest of the outfits are things we had already or picked up from the craft store, the hot glue gun is my best friend this time of year! 😉 The girls were so excited to get their faces painted, it was the highlight of the costumes for them, but then they totally didn’t know what to do with it and were scared to touch or move their faces at all. So funny! Eloise kept telling everyone she was going to be a “box” instead of a “fox” which I also will never forget! 😉 Claire was such a doll the entire night & definitely hit the jackpot with two lollipops yesterday. We had so much fun trick or treating in our new neighborhood, everyone was so festive!! I always get so sad when Halloween is over, and apparently so do the kids because they came running into our room this morning with half of their costumes back on asking if they could eat candy for breakfast.
We went to Trunk or Treat on Sunday night which we love doing every year. The girls wanted to be the Monsters Inc. crew forever & it was my goal to make these out of just things we had at home. The only thing I bought was the mop & a few craft supplies, but otherwise we used outfits they had & Harper was seriously beside herself with excitement helping me make them. She is obsessed with her scissors she got from school so she helped me cut out all of the circles for her dress! These costumes were so much fun & definitely one of my favorites we have ever done! I have a feeling this is the last year we will attempt family costumes, but I guess I will see how we feel when next Halloween rolls around! 😉
At the last house we stopped at on our walk back from Trick or Treating last night, the sweetest older man answered the door & struck up conversation with us. He told us how much he missed his babies being little and getting to take them out on Halloween night instead of hanging back to hand out candy. While we were so exhausted, ready to be done for the night & dreading the bedtime hustle, it was the sweetest reminder of the limited number of wagon-pulling, face-painting, hand-holding Halloweens that we will have in our lifetime. And I know we will cherish every single one of them.
Hope you all had a magical night with your family & friends!!!
Happy November! XO






  1. Such a beautiful family Jessica!
    The picture of the entire family as forest animals needs to be apart of y'alls Christmas Card. I feel so creepy for saying this, but I'm obsessed with it…simply gorgeous picture!

  2. "Box" hahahaha awww! That reminds me of the little boy I nanny right now. He says the word "very" like "berry" and he likes to use the word "very" a lot, hahaha. That face painting is sweet though! Did you do that? (I can't remember I read this super fast, multitasking haha.) So, so so cute. And THAT CAKE!!!!!

  3. We were talking about this last night with a few fellow trick or treaters as well (their kids were 14, 12 and 10) while they oohed and awed over our (4, 2 and 6 month old). In the thick of it it doesn't feel like its short but overall these young years fly bye all too quickly!

  4. OMG Jess! Both costume ideas were amazing!!!! These are the most precious photos ever and your kids will love and appreciate them so much when their older! Can't wait to see what you have for Christmas festivities!!!!!

  5. Love all the pictures! And your comment about cherishing the moment while they are little brought tears to my eyes. My kids are 12,10,6,3 and 10 months and I was just thinking last night that this will probably be the last Halloween my oldest will be trick or treating. : (

  6. I’ve been trying to find the cake topper letters BOO forever!! Any chance you remember where you got them! I love your blog so so much!

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