The Little Pink Dresser

The girls room is definitely one of my favorite rooms in the house, it gets amazing light & feels so cozy with the low ceilings. Lately the big girls have been wanting to play in here by themselves more often, mostly to escape from Claire destroying whatever they are trying to do (third child problems) so we wanted to find a way to add a little more storage to their room for their dolls & some art supplies. Harper has been asking for a pink dresser since the first day we moved in, and a few weekends ago at a local flea market we found the perfect mini dresser to make her dreams come true. It was black when we found it, so we sanded it down, gave it a few coats of primer & then finished it up with a pale pink/coral called Little Piggy by Benjamin Moore. We added some new knobs & I have some leftover wallpaper from the old house that I want to add inside the drawers, but for now, it’s the perfect addition to their room.

Eloise has also been dropping her afternoon nap, so the big girls love to play in here during quiet time (and by play, I mean destroy) so getting some photos of this room with the beds made & the floor clean was not easy. I think by the time Claire transitions to a big kid bed, we are either going to have to scoot these over and add another, or at least add a trundle so she can bunk with her sisters! Or maybe by then Harper will insist on having her own room. Stay little, my darlings.

The Fluffy Little Squishy // I Can Fly // Home // I Had a Favorite Dress // Extra Yarn // Virginia Wolf

You can see before & after photos of the dresser over on my Instagram stories (@jlgarvin), I tried to cover all of the sources for the room but let me know if I missed something! Hope you all are having a great week!!! XO

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  1. What paint color did you use for the dresser? I’m painting my daughter’s dresser now but it’s turning out more screechy pink than sweet pink!

  2. Gorgeous!!! We did something similar to a dresser in our room 🙂 I love refurbishing furniture!! We also bought a table off of Craigslist for our kitchen nook that I painted white. It’s gorgeous, but unfortunately the girls have somewhat destroyed it with crayons and markers. At least we didn’t pay much for it haha!!

    Hope your week is going well!!


  3. Hi! It’s beautiful 🙂

    Really hoping to do a collaboration with you. Please check out our insta @jujuandjake I sent you a DM but you probably get lots and it got missed. Thank you!

    Juju & Jake

  4. I would love to know where your floating white bookshelves are from!? We used white gutters as book shelves in my girl’s room, but I love the look of these and that they have a little lip to keep books from falling off!

  5. What is that shade of pink that you used for the dresser? I’m looking to do my girls’ dresser as well and that is the perfect color!

  6. Love the girls room, it’s just adorable! Can you tell me where you got the tutus that are hanging on the bow hooks?

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