Carving Pumpkins

Happy Monday!! Every day is happy in October, right?! We are getting all the Fall weather in Atlanta this week & we are looooooving it! Leaves are everywhere, Halloween parties are about to go down & we will not turn Hocus Pocus off until the morning of November 1st. We finally got around to carving our pumpkins this weekend & it was the most fun ever! After all the ewwwws and yuuuuucks, the girls were brave and stuck their hands right down inside the guts & loved every minute. Eloise may have even eaten some.

We ended up with a cat, a pumpkin full of stars, and a happy jack-o-lantern, and mom of the year forgot to get tea lights, so we have to wait just one more night to see them glow! Have you guys carved your pumpkins yet, what’s left on your October bucket list?! xo



  1. The cat pumpkin is the best idea ever, my daughter would love it, but seriously you guys are so cute! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  2. We carved ours this weekend too! We also found this really cool pumpkin light at Kroger that stays on for 6 hours and shuts off for 18 hours so it’s only on at night. It actually looks like a candle too.

  3. Carving pumpkins is one of our favorite activities that we wait all year for! It’s fun to make memories and see what my girls want to carve into their pumpkins (with help of course!)

  4. SO cute! And much better than what we were requested to carve this year: lightening mcqueen and bubble puppy. (how?!?!)
    I need your secrets on stain removals! I always put my little ones in cute clothes for stuff like this (because…photo ops!) but always end up with stains so tough to get out. How do you do it?!

  5. So cute! We’re carving ours this weekend! One of my favorite things is to take all of the seeds (and there’s a lot since our whole family gets together!!) and to roast them with some salt and seasoning! Pumpkin seeds pretty much turn into a food group for a couple weeks. Love them! 🙂

  6. We carved our pumpkins like 2 weeks ago followed by like 3 90 degree days which instantly made our pumpkins rot to a pile of goo ? so they’re sitting on the curb waiting for trash pick up! Next year I’ll def wait another week. Yours look fab though!

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