Harper Turns Six!

This weekend we celebrated our Harper girl’s SIXTH birthday! It seems like just yesterday we were planning her little princess party for her third birthday, I’m not sure why that one vividly stands out so much to me but it just doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Harper wanted unicorns & lemonade for her birthday this year, so that is just what we did! Lots of balloons, strawberry unicorn cupcakes & every flavor of lemonade you could think of! All of her little besties came over and the weather was beautiful, a sunshine day in the middle of two weeks of straight rain! The girls ate lunch, birthday cake & then ran around the yard for two hours taking turns jumping on the trampoline & doing sidewalk chalk. Also worth noting, Harper chose peanut butter & jelly uncrustables for her fancy birthday party meal & Eloise refused to change out of pajamas.

SIX things I want to remember about Harper right now:

1. She loves to express herself with art, she is always making the sweetest pictures of our family with thought bubbles and writing what people are saying or thinking. It is SO sweet. She loves to draw us love notes and leave them on our night stands. I will treasure her art forever!

2. She takes the best care of her sisters (and really everyone!) but will always find a way to make them happy. She reads to them, always lets them play with her dolls & tells them jokes when they’re upset (or getting their hair brushed and are unhappy about it!)

3. She is the girliest girl, always dancing, always singing & always wants to dress up.

4. She is such a daddy’s girl (how can you not be?!) she loves to ride in his truck or hang out in the garage with him.

5. She has such a sweet tooth, loves pancakes & wants to eat candy canes all year round.

6. She is so much fun to hang out with!!! It is so fun to take her places (just the two of us!) or even sit with her and scroll pinterest or watch cooking shows! I love my little six year old best friend!

Happy birthday, Harper doodle!! We love you so so much, stay magical sweet girl!



  1. Her birthday turned out so beautiful and I love your post. She will appreciate this so much when she is older. You are such a great mom. ?

  2. Lovely, as usual! 🙂 How are you storing your girl’s artwork? My 6 year old leaves me little love notes all over the place too and I feel awful throwing even one away. But the pile is getting really big and I’m not sure how to store them or what I should keep and what I should just let go of. What do you do???

    • Usually at the end of the day or weekend, I let them pick one thing they made that they really want to keep (or something they made me that I love and I keep it anyway) and we put it in a big rubbermaid in our guest room closet. My grandma saved tons of the stuff I drew & wrote when I was little and gave it all to me when I had Harper, it was such a sweet treasure!!! I want to do the same for the girls. But also not trying to keep everything they make, because it’s dozens of things a day 😉

  3. All of this brings me right to my 6 year old! The cooking channel, all the girlie goodies, heart of gold, and a leader of her littles! Harper is a dream girl!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bonne fête Harper!
    She’s grown up so much in the last year! The best thing about our kids is that they’re a better version of ourselves.
    P.S. Love to scroll through Pinterest with my boys…Instagram too…they love to `heart` something!

  5. This is the sweetest party ever (but all your parties turn out amazing)! I can’t believe I’ve been reading since just before Harper was born–crazy! Happy birthday to that sweet girl!

  6. I vividly remember the chubby baby days of “Hungry Hungry Harpo.” It’s been such a joy to watch her grow up into an amazing little person. Happy birthday, Harper!

  7. Happy 6th Birthday to your sweet Harper! I love how simple and classic you styled everything for her party. With our generations love for Pinterest, I have found myself going back to this same idea of making anything I can a little less complicated, classic and clean. I just recently discovered your blog in January (my daughter is 20 months) and I’m simply in love. Your style and thoughts on motherhood are so in line within my own, it’s delightful scary and fun! I so appreciate all the hard work you put into sharing your joys and challenges of motherhood on here as I know it’s a lot of work to organize and plan. Thank you for all the hard work!

  8. Six already?! I remember when you were making her chalkboards while you were pregnant! Such a festive party, I love how fun you make celebrations for them! Happiest birthday wishes Harper!

  9. Do you remember (or can you direct me somewhere it’s noted) where your light fixture is from? So pretty! We just built a house in August and I used the same kitchen sink you installed in your kitchen reno, and we love it!

  10. Beautiful! I was wondering what sizes are your three cake stands? Did I also see a pink one on some other posts? Which size/color do you use most often? What size are your mason jars for drinking? Thanks so much!

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