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Happy Friday!!! It has been a long week over here as we unpack & get settled in, and try to resist the temptation to just play in the sprinkler every afternoon. I have tons of things bookmarked in my phone that I have been meaning to share with you so let’s jump right in to that Friday Favorite magic!!

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First things first, completely obsessed with these pajamas for Summer, and they’re on SALE so grab them before they sell out!

The cutest tank tutu dresses are back again this season & cuter than ever, we stocked up for all three girls as always!

We are in the process of designing & building some window boxes before Spring is over, I am following this tutorial for anyone who might be interested in a fun weekend project!

We love these snap bead sets for the girls, they’re a lifesaver for a rainy day (or in our case, all the crazy days of transition during our move!). I just grabbed a second set for the long Summer ahead!!

And last but not least, have. you. tried. Bubly water?! The strawberry flavor gives me LIFE. I swear I drank welch’s strawberry pop my entire childhood, and it tastes exactly like it, but without the sugar/calories!! Also, add a little champagne or rosé (and get it from winc as a monthly subscription, because you will be in love!!!!!) and you will have the best summer cocktail ever!!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, friends!!! Hope it’s a great one! XO



  1. Oh girl, Bubly Grapefruit with Ningxia Red every afternoon! ❤️ Also, strawberry welch’s pop must be an Iowa thing, I swear we had mambas and strawberry pop as our treats all the time, but Ruby Red Squirt was a close second! ☺️

  2. The pajamas are SO cute! I just ordered both colors. Thanks for sharing!

    I absolutely love the girl’s dress, too. I have a little boy, but I would buy that in a second for a little girl.

  3. Does Harper still fit in the tutu dresses? I have been at such a loss for cute girls dresses now that my daughter is a size 6 cause those were my go to!

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