Seaside Part 1: Our House

We are in vacation hangover mode right now & getting back into the swing of things at home very slowly. I am missing afternoon swimming & endless margaritas something fierce right now.

I have tons of pictures to sort through but thought it would be fun to share a little tour of the house we stayed in! We have stayed in this neighborhood before & can’t wait to come stay here again.

A few things if you are planning a vacation in Seaside. Make sure that where you are staying has public beach access as well as heated pools, this neighborhood does have both. It’s also super close to the grocery store which comes in handy! If you can get a place that includes a golf cart, it is so so worth it!! And bring lots of games and things to do indoors in case you get bad weather, it’s Florida so it happens (a lot), and there aren’t a ton of local things to do indoors. We played games, spent a lot of time on the screened in porch & cooked a bunch of big meals while it stormed a few of the afternoons.

The neighborhood we stayed in is technically considered WaterColor, it is super close to Seaside beach access and all of the fun restaurants and shopping, plus the houses are super cozy and full of character! You can find our house here if you want to rent it. We have also stayed in Prominence through airbnb which is close to the Hub, it also has an amazing pool, it is less expensive and very centrally located to both Rosemary, Alys & all of Seaside.

I wrote in an instagram post early in the week that one of my favorite things to do when we travel is take in all the design inspiration, I was reminded of how much I looove neutrals and pretty patios after staying here! I can’t wait to show you the place we have picked out in Seattle in a few weeks!!

I will share a bunch more of our trip soon, stay tuned! Hope you all are surviving daylight savings! XO



  1. So great! Do you wait for school breaks to travel w the girls or do you get a certain number of days to pull them out?! We love traveling as well but we haven’t had to deal w the school calendar yet…not looking forward to losing our winter vacay!!

  2. Looks amazing!!! Can’t wait for your full recap! 🙂 Heading down to 30A in May with my family. When traveling from Seaside over to Alys or Rosemary were you able to take a golf cart? Or do you need to drive a vehicle? We are in WaterSound so just trying to figure out the best way to get around. THANKS!!

    • As a local, I can tell you that unlicensed golf carts are not allowed on 30a. Not to mention, the distance between Seaside and Rosemary Beach is already about 20 minutes in a car. It would be about double that in a golf cart. Golf carts are fine for getting around your “community” but for traveling, not recommended.

    • highly recommend a vehicle to get around! 🙂 we used our golf cart for short distances, so the grocery store and beach from our house were under a mile. But a car would be needed to visit all of the beaches & places mentioned!

  3. We booked a place at Prominence based on your recommendation. Do you feel like it’s possible to get by without a car and still access the fun things the area has to offer? Our rental comes with a golf cart. I’m thinking we’ll be fine but started to think about things like groceries and wondering if there’s anything nearby. Any tips or recommendations for our family with three kids 6 and under would be great!

  4. That is so crazy – my dad lives in the house across the street about half the year! It’s such a nice quiet area of watercolor!

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