For the Easter Basket

One of my favorite posts of the entire year, filling up that festive Easter basket!! We are so EXCITED have our first real Easter here, last year we were transitioning out of the hotel and into my parents house, it snowed & we couldn’t find any of our Easter stuff because it was all packed! So this year, we are going all out!!

Rounding up all of the goodies I am loving for baskets this year.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

One // Always books in the Easter basket!! I love this fun Mary Poppins book, the illustrations are so beautiful & of course the story is a classic. A few other suggestions: E.T, Pearl, Yellow Kayak & The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy.

Two // Pajamas! We always try to include pajamas as holiday gifts because 1. they always get excited for them 2. it’s an excuse to buy festive ones and 3. they need them anyway! This is one of my favorite sleep sets ever from Childhoods.

Three // All the accessories. All my girls are obsessed with rainbows lately, so they’re each getting one of these rainbow stretchies! Sunglasses, goggles, socks, slippers & keychains are also fun options!

Four // Glitter bunny ears are a must, and they’re on sale!!

Five // We are forever obsessed with Wunderkin bows, especially the oversized schoolgirl bows that can go over top knots or pony tails. My girls have almost outgrown bows so hopefully they will keep rocking this style just a little bit longer! I’m also Ryan & Wren’s biggest fan & their glitter snap clips are PERFECT for hiding in Easter eggs!!

Six // If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of the sweet Cuddle & Kind Dolls yet you absolutely MUST. They are so darling and fun!! Also, with each doll sale, they provide 10 meals to hungry children, the sweetest mission!!

Seven // These mini suitcase dolls are the cuuuuutest thing, they totally remind me of the original polly pocket from my childhood!

Each of the girls will get one or two main things + lots of little eggs filled with treats, accessories & love notes! What are you filling your baskets with this year?! Use the arrows below to scroll lots more fun picks, for boys & babies too!!



  1. I always love your Easter basket posts! Have you seen that Polly is back? She’s not as good as before, but I was still pretty excited. My husband MAY have bought my 30 year old self one..

  2. Boy’s Easter baskets are so hard! Levi is going to get some girly stuff this year but he will probably actually love it. He loves Polly Pockets and cute little things like the girls do ?

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