Friday Favorites

The first October weekend of the year, is there truly anything better?! Beautiful Fall weather just arrived and we are excited to soak it all up! I have handful of Friday Favorites to share with you guys today, I love that you guys love these as much as I do!!

Lots of goodies for you today!!

Long live the headband, it’s been restocked in leopard and you do not want to miss out! #tothegrave

My favorite pink travel mug that I never leave home without. Dishwasher safe (amen!) and it’s on SALE!

A round up of my favorite Halloween books for kids, all of these are still our faves year after year!!

The cozy sweatshirt you need in your life this Fall, lots of gorgeous colors & pairs perfectly with leggings or pajama pants (winning). Anybody else a sweatshirt hoarder?!

Also, I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but already drooling over the Anthropologie Christmas collection!! SO dreamy!!!!

The garlic chicken recipe that I have been making once a week since I found it, the entire family loves it and it is so easy and delicious!! I serve it with roasted cauliflower, potatoes or brown rice.

Last but not least, I have talked about this a bunch on my IG stories but thought I would elaborate here. Shipt grocery shopping service has literally changed my life, it is $49 for the year and it is an app where you can order your groceries (I do Target & HyVee) and a personal Shipt Shopper will do your shopping for you. If you dread running to the store on a week night to grab the few things you need for dinner or spending 2 hours in the grocery store during your weekend, this is for you. You’re going to be obsessed.

Ok, time to kick off our backyard camping adventure!! Happy weekend, friends, hope it’s a good one!!! XO



  1. Yes to summery falls!! That chicken looks amazing!! You should try her Mongolian meatballs – SO good!! my kids are obsessed every time i make them!

  2. Ok, do you tip 15-20% on your Shipt deliveries????? I’ve had it for years, but I find that I try very hard NOT to use it unless I have to b/c of that dreaded tip. hahaha! They already mark the prices up sooo much!!! Pink travel cup in my cart for soccer Saturdays! Thank you!

    • i shop mostly at target, so there is no price difference at all, and only seems like a few things are marked up on my hyvee deliveries! i do tip, but i also realize i would have spent more in gas + random crap i would have put in my cart at the store + TIME which is even more valuable 😉 so i don’t mind!!

  3. I miss HyVee so so so much! The kids love hitting up all the different counters for freebies! Especially cookies! I love your book list by the way!

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