Summer Plans

Happy first official week of Summer!! Although, it has technically felt like Summer for the past three months. How is everyone holding up?! I did a quick Q&A on Instagram the other night and tons of you guys asked for a life update, so I thought I would share what we are up to & what we have planned for Summer!

Lots of fun at the Lake! This will be our first Summer at our lake house and we are so excited for all of the fun!!! We never imagined we would actually spend this much time out there but lake life is addicting!! We have almost every weekend of Summer booked with fun lake plans with friends & family. Also going to share an updated house tour with you soon!! All the fish decor.

House projects. You know there is always a project going on at the Garvins. Here is what we are tackling over the Summer of 2020!

+ Our 1920s Basement, finishing half of it to be a guest suite, so it will have a small bathroom, bedroom nook, and a TV room. It’s sort of a “must have” in the midwest during tornado season just for peace of mind. Also since we don’t have a guest room here, it will be great to give friends and family some room to breathe when they come visit! I will do a full recap of this once it’s finished, this is one project that we have chosen to hire out to a design build company and aren’t doing ourselves, so I haven’t shared a ton of progress on it, it should be wrapped up by mid July.

+ Our master bathroom will kick off as soon as the basement is finished, it will be a semi-big project and we would like to only have one of these happening at a time. I will share plans, inspo & before pics soon!

+ Girls bathroom update, Brandon is building new cabinet fronts for their bathroom, we are going to wallpaper it & also update the tile floors. It will also be one of the quicker weekend projects once the cabinets are finished and will technically possibly be our last big project in our current home! Which yes, I think we will stay here forever.

+ Lake house projects: the first week of July we will tackle the main floor paint, it is currently brown/beige and will be painted white! I know, you’re surprised. I still have to finish painting the master bathroom and some of the wood trim in the basement, but currently enjoying Summer way too much to put on my painting clothes!

+ And last but not least, Brandon is building a pergola for our cement pad at the lake, it is halfway up the hill from the water to our house and a good place to stop to enjoy the view! We will add a table and chairs, and hopefully some shade and string lights to make the space more useful. I will share details on all of this as well, including the building plans he is using!

Grand “opening” of the KC Prosecco Truck. If you guys follow my Instagram @jlgarvin you likely saw our big announcement a few weeks ago that we bought two Piaggio Apes (with two of our neighbors!), we are launching the KC Prosecco truck in just a few days & have big plans for the second one that we can hopefully share by Fall! If you are local and want to book it for an event, you can find us here!

We are also celebrating Claire & Brandon’s birthdays in July! Since Eloise didn’t get to have a birthday party during quarantine, we are going to throw a backyard bash for the two girls together later this summer. They have requested a cotton-candy-and-unicorns pool party, so I need to get to planning!

Hope you guys are all enjoying the first week of Summer! Sending all the love & sunshine vibes your way! XO


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