House Projects in 2021

I thought it would be fun to list out the house projects that we have on our list for this year so I can check them off with you as we go! More of our home projects and renovations was at the top of the list for most requested content this year so I want to make sure to get this laid out for you before we kick anything off.

Some of the smaller projects include:
Wallpaper in the dining room! I’ve planning this since Fall of last year but the wallpaper I wanted was backordered, it finally shipped and our installer has us on his schedule for early March.
New floor tile in the girls bathroom along with wallpaper and possibly new drawer fronts made by Brandon.
Overhaul of the girls sunroom/playroom area in Eloise & Claire’s room. Right now we have two small dressers that are a complete disaster, I’d like to move all of their clothes to the one tall dresser & their closet, and make the back sunroom area more functional for them to play.
The side entry is going to become a mudroom, we are taking out the strange glass wall (it was all once an enclosed porch) and drywalling it so that we can add some sort of organization & wall hooks to make it more functional. Also adding that bench underneath the bay window!
We are also building a small garage gym, probably not something I’d normally share here but if you guys are interested I will definitely do a post!
And last, we are also considering some built ins and/or better organization overall for our office. Maybe a new paint color. Maybe not if Brandon reads this before I can convince him of it.

We have two big projects this year, both of which we are super excited for!
We are kicking off the second floor/upstairs bunk room space at the lake house this month. We will be building out bunks in one big room, and then adding a small bathroom and another small bedroom. We will be there Friday walking through some final details so I will be sure to take you along on Instagram & will share our inspiration pictures and plans here soon as well.

Our master bathroom got pushed back from last Spring because we decided to tackle our basement renovation instead. So it is finally happening in the next six months. Plans have been drawn out, tile and fixtures are ordered, and I’ve only changed my mind on layout a dozen times. Trying to squeeze a teeny tiny soaking tub inside the shower of a 1920s master bathroom. Should be a piece of cake, right?!

In other good news, I finally took my Christmas tree down.

Ok I would love to answer any questions here that you guys have about our projects or renovations! We are excited to take you with us on the adventures! XO


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  1. Oh, I just can’t wait to see it all unfold. It’s all going to be SO amazing!

    Where did you get your entryway rug? It’s gorgeous!

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