I thought I would document the growing bump each week via my beloved chalkboard! The first pic we took at 8 weeks after my first ultrasound. I wanted one picture with the chalkboard the way it was when I announced the news! Also happy to get one picture in our old apartment before we moved to the townhouse 🙂
Now for the real deal. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily a cute baby bump yet, it is merely a collection of the mass amounts of peaches, peanut butter & egg and cheese bagels that I have been eating. Luckily so far I have only been craving healthy foods, I could eat fruit for every meal! Peaches are my favorite (those Georgia Peaches sure came in handy) but I also love eating apple slices with peanut butter, pears, plums & watermelon. I have no interest in red meat, lots more chicken & pork chops (dipped in applesauce) these days. Coffee is the only thing that makes me not feel so great – although I did have a few puking episodes after eating steak & mashed potatoes, lasagna & enchiladas. 
Alas, the 10 week BUMP.

PS.  I don’t even know what a quail looks like. I don’t even know how big a prune is.

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