Nursery Planning: Before & After Paint

 Just wanted to share some before & after pictures of the painted nursery! Before, the room was standard construction white.
And NOW, the room is a super subtle grey that makes the trim pop just a little but still leaves the room feeling like a blank canvas! Here is the corner of the room where we put the glider… my most favorite thing so far! 🙂

I am thinking thick white curtains for the windows – just trying to decide on a curtain rod at the moment.

Here is a close up of the glider along with the blanket that came in the mail that matches the nursery bedding. Have I mentioned that I am OBSESSED with the custom bedding?! I love this fabric SO much… wasn’t sure I wanted to go with pink at all… but this fabric stole my heart! 🙂
Brandon took the doors off of the cabinet that I purchased on Craigslist to use as the changing table. We planned to sand them & paint them, but turns out, I love the way it looks without them!! I am not going to have a ton of surface space to decorate so I am going to leave this with open shelving for now, we will still paint the doors so we can put them on when the little one can stand up and grab onto things. Also, eventually I think it’s going to turn into a hot mess in there bc let’s face it, I’m not the neatest person on the planet.
The plan is to fill the top shelf with these wire baskets that I scooped up from Crate & Barrel. The small baskets fit perfectly inside the shelves, the larger one will go on top with some essentials in it.
This weekend we will paint the changing table… so excited! I am still on the hunt for the perfect dresser to go in the room as well. I know this wasn’t a very entertaining post but it’s time for me to head out to my 20 week ultrasound…later gators!

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