Cold Weather & Cold Coffee

Brr… It’s cold outside!! I always seem to think that the cold weather is going to disappear right along with my Christmas decorations as soon as the holidays are over, but jokes on me. It’s not getting any warmer in our neck of the woods!
Puffy outer layers, warm socks & tights and of course, the best lotion & chapstick to fight dry winter skin are some of our favorite things right now! 🙂 And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are ready for a little PINK in our lives.

The cold weather also calls for cozy, sweater one piece outfits on the days that we aren’t rocking our pajamas.

One of the biggest bummers about winter weather is that it keeps you cooped up inside. I hate to bundle up Harper just to go out for a few errands. Which is why I am so very excited about the iced coffee that I have been able to make at home with our new Keurig! We got the Keurig Elite for Christmas from my parents (thanks mom & dad!) & right away I was determined to get a good iced coffee out of it.
You can see it here in my oversized mason jar (aka. the only way to drink a homemade iced coffee).

For those of you who have asked, here is the low down.
Rather than buy the k-cups made specifically for iced coffee (which you have to brew over ice), I use the Starbucks Breakfast Blend K-Cups & a metal cocktail shaker as my mug. I brew these as a medium coffee (ours has 3 sizes, this is the 8 oz size), so they are quite a bit stronger, right into the cocktail shaker. As soon as it is done brewing, put it directly into the freezer (hence why you must use metal & not glass/porcelain). Since it is a relatively small amount of coffee, it is usually cooled off in five or so minutes.
Then, just pour over ice, add cream if you wish (I use just a splash of half & half) & ENJOY!

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