Baby Brain Ramblings at 34 Weeks

 I can not believe I only have six weeks to go! Give or take… hopefully take. Not that it would matter much but I would LOVE to have a Valentine’s Day baby… or even Valentine’s Day Eve! I love holidays so much – mainly because it is an excuse to dress extremely festive. So you better believe Little G has a Valentine’s outfit just in case. Will share some of her outfits & what we chose for her coming home gear in another post! 🙂

Speaking of holidays, here is hubby & I on Christmas day.. of course wearing red & green with a festive sparkly belt.

Baby Bump Wardrobe
 I had some comments asking about some of the things I’ve worn in past pics. My baby shower dress was from Asos Maternity. I was skeptical about it at first, but finally grew into it and I loved it so much. The gold belt that I have been rocking lately is from J. Crew along with the denim shirt from my 33 week picture. Like I said before, most of the stuff I have isn’t maternity, just a size up from what I would normally buy. My maternity leggings are all from the Gap. The black sweater & grey sequined tank from my 32 week picture are both oldies from Express. 
The Endless To-Do List
With my baby baking days coming to an end, it’s becoming more and more overwhelming to look at the things that we still need to do. Here are a few things that have been overlooked but now keep me awake during the wee hours of the morning.
Pack Hospital Bag
(still trying to convince hubby that I need metallic purple ugg slippers to put in here)
Hang Name Letters, Wall Art & Mirror in Nursery
(will have to be careful when sharing my nursery pics with you all!)
Wash, Dry & Fold 726 Baby Outfits
(beginning to feel like I may have gone a bit overboard)
Write Our Birth Plan
(or lack thereof)
Purchase Remaining Registry Items
(may need to have a bake sale first)
Wellllllll… that is overwhelming enough for today.  I can’t even finish my list of things I need to finish. Fail.

Little G’s Gear
It’s so hard to make all of the big decisions on what major gear to purchase or put on your registry. After reading countless reviews & not getting over the fact that I don’t like super “baby looking” items, here are a few of my favorite things that we’ve purchased. The City Mini Baby Jogger for long trips to the mall and my ambitious plans of getting some outdoor exercise…I am obsessed. The Crane humidifier – which I can absolutely say that I love already because we bought one in white for our bedroom this winter. And the Aprica Play Yard – I just officially cannot stand the look of other pack n plays, although we did get one for upstairs just because of the vibrating newborn napper station and all of the extras that we thought were necessary for the first few months of living in our bedroom.

And our maternity pictures got canceled due to rain so now I have to exchange all of my clothes for the next size up since my belly is growing exponentially. Will be sure to share those as well if Georgia ever sees a little sunshine 🙂

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