Four Month Favorites & the Fourth of July…

…how festive that they are in the same post? 🙂

Aden + Anais Sleep Sacks – love these things. Light enough that baby doesn’t sweat, but just enough to keep them a little extra cozy at night. Plus, I swear Harper lulls herself to sleep by playing with the fabric.
LifeFactory Teether – Harper loves these because she can grip it with both hands and hold it in her mouth. She can squeeze it and manipulate it to get it in her mouth… plus you can hook them onto the little plastic links so it doesn’t get dropped onto the ground.
Boogie Wipes – And ya gotta go with the grape! Since Harper has just started teething, she gets a little bit of a runny nose now and then, I swear these things stick the boogies right onto the wipes. They smell amazing & clean her little nose right up.
Gerber Oatmeal Baby Cereal – Just after her four month birthday, we started her on baby cereal. She was constantly looking at our food, opening her mouth when we ate and she was hungry all the time (I know, you’d never know it by her chubby little thighs, right?). Ped gave us the go ahead, so we tried rice cereal first. After about three days, she wasn’t a fan. I did some research, saw that it didn’t have much nutritional value anyway & read that lots of people recommended Oatmeal instead. So we tried that instead, and it was a hit!! She literally dive bombs her face at the spoon, she can’t get enough! It is so so so fun to watch her eat off a spoon. And for anyone who is going to give me shit and say babies should only have breastmilk for the first year, no need for cereal, blah blah blah, please don’t be a hater. Our ped recommended it, she loves it, we like it and that’s how we’re gonna roll.
Sophie the Giraffe – enough said! This thing is way cute, it was one of the first things we bought when I found out I was pregnant and her eyes light up when we squeak it at her! It’s all natural & something about the texture/taste makes babies love it even more. If you have a baby or expecting, this is a. must. have. PS. Watch this video, you’ll love Sophie even more!
Jumperoo – We bought this after recommendations from my 3 month must have list. At first she wasn’t so sure, but at about the four and a half month mark, this became her favorite thing in the world. While her feet don’t quite touch the ground, we put a tempur-pedic foam pillow underneath, so it is sturdy enough for her to push/bounce from. Not only is this pure entertainment for babies, but for parents as well. We watch her jump around in this all night long and crack up.
Baby Carrier (K’Tan) – We love the K’Tan!! It was perfect for when she was really little, but also grew with her now that we can put her in other positions. She LOVES to be in it and it gives me some hands-free time. Plus it is super easy to put on. I highly recommend this! We have been talking about getting an Ergo too now that she is bigger, I have heard great things about them!
 Harper says Happy Belated Fourth of July to you all! We had such a fun fourth, plus I loved her little outfit. We spent the day at the pool, got to go to a country concert & then to see fireworks!
 She was a total champ & loved watching them. She got a little irritated when she found out that she could not have a funnel cake, but she got over it.

Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments on our house & Harper’s ever evolving cuteness. Now that we are all settled in, I hope to share more pics soon, as well as an all encompassing post about our registry and our faves (and not so faves) so far! Hope you all are enjoying your summer – because August (which I pretend is AUTUMN) is just around the corner – so it’s almost time to get our Fall on! 🙂

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