Five & Six Month Favorites

Months five & six are a whole new ballgame. Our little munchkin is teething, sitting up, sleeping in her own room & learning new things every day! This calls for constantly changing up toys, teethers & all other forms of entertainment to keep a smile on their face!
Here are our current favorites! And as always, suggestions welcome for anything great that we may be missing out on! 🙂
Baby Jogger City Mini – We are OBSESSED with this stroller. It is probably in my top five favorite baby items of all time. Now that Harper isn’t toted around in her car seat all the time, we have been using this stroller much more often. It is so easy to open and fold back up, rides like a dream & is super easy to steer with one hand, which I think is a huge plus for strollers. Plus, this thing is seriously cute!! The sun shade rocks for when we are outside and she is so comfortable in it if she hangs in it for a long period of time. I can’t say enough good things about this stroller!
Aden + Anais Security Blankets -Bought these while I was still pregnant because I found them on sale & thought they were super cute. I got a lot of recommendations from other moms about how much their babies loved them so we finally got them out for her when she started sleeping in her crib. She LOVES them! I swear they help soothe her to sleep. She loves to put it over her face when she is tired, and the breathable material is perfect for that. I think it is so cute seeing her love a blankie.
Plum Organics Baby Foods -While I have every intention of making my own baby food one of these days, these are just too easy and convenient while she is still so little. Easy to take on the go, taste good (you better believe I try them all!) and I know they are good for her. Plus, call me lazy, but I love being able to squirt it onto the spoon without needing to wash an additional food bowl.
Teething Tablets -These have been a lifesaver a few times. She has two full on bottom teeth now, and her top ones are starting to come in. They are tiny little tablets that dissolve immediately under her tongue, and honestly give her instant relief.
Pie Gnon Teether – From the makers of Sophie the Giraffe (our other favorite teether!) this cute little critter is a big hit with Harper. Easy to hold & she loves to chew on the little ears…er.. whatever those things are on the top of it’s head.
Fresh Food Teether – This thing ROCKS. You cut up a piece of fresh fruit, we use apples & pears) and put it inside the little net for babies to chew on when they are teething. Harper is endlessly entertained by chewing on this & sucking the juice out of the fruit. I’ve also heard that babies love ice cubes or even frozen beast milk in them, although that might be messy. The first time we gave this to her, we seriously high-fived watching how much she loved it. Good stuff right there.
Soft Books –  I kinda forgot about these things until my mom picked one up the other day, I think it was a Happy Meal toy. Harper could not get enough of it!! We got her a few other ones and she will play with them forever. She loves the ones that make crinkly noises, plus she loves to put them in her mouth. Notice a trend here?

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