7 Month Old Harper

 We had to have a photo shoot today because it may be the last time Harper is able to fit into my favorite pajamas of hers ever. I seriously almost cried last night trying to wedge her chubby little leg into them. Of course, her tiny munchkin feet don’t even come close to outgrowing anything.
I packed away most of her 3-6 month clothes and filled her little dresser with all these outfits that had been packed away for “someday.” Although this did include her holiday tub of clothes with Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas outfits… so I did get kinda freaking excited. If you remember, I was ready to “decorate our baby” before she even arrived!

Look at this girl!! Sitting up in her playard?! Yes, for those who may be wondering, we LOVE this thing. I remember changing her diaper when she was first home from the hospital and thinking how small she looked in it! Or the day she reached her arms above her head and touched from end to end…. and then shat all over the sheets. (Kinda glad those days are over).
Look at those little fingers!!!! I can’t even take it. Ooh, and Piggy Paint is coming in the mail! Can’t wait to paint those little nails. I seriously love her. to. death. Especially when she looks up at me with these baby blues & says mamamamama all day long 🙂

 Our little Harpsicle has developed such a funny little personality. She is always on the go, trying to do things before her little body is able. I swear this kid was trying to sit up when she was only a month old (I have a video to prove it!). It will only be days until she is trying to join mom & dad on the bball court (yes, we call it bball instead of basketball…. and yes, we play basketball after she goes to bed) or get her little baby hands on mama’s bag of Fritos.
She talks and babbles all day long, blows spit bubbles at the cat and likes to put her hand in her baby food when I blink, then smears it all over her (and my) hair. A little ball of fire, if you will.
Happy 7 months sweet little baby girl!

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