The Diaper Bag

One of the first things I was most excited about when I got pregnant was picking out my diaper bag! It’s like for the first time ever, you’re allowed to buy an expensive, really large purse… and be totally justified.
I remember how much I loved reading what everyone put in their diaper bag, and since I get a lot of emails asking about mine, I wanted to share! Here is a breakdown of everything I have, I consider them all essentials, but tried to split the items depending on how much room you may have or how old your baby is.
The most important items of course are your diapers, wipes, diaper creams, changing pad (should come in your diaper bag), extra change of clothes, burp cloth, bib, feeding essentials & a few hundred pacifiers.
The diaper bag that I have is the Storksak Tania Diaper Bag and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is my favorite color (grey!) and has endless compartments & pouches. I am somewhat disorganized when it comes to the big black hole that is a purse… so I love how this bag makes it easy for me to keep everything in it’s spot!
Here is a list of the “extras” that can be found in my diaper bag:

Aden+Anais Swaddle Blankets – not only to use as a blanket, but great to throw over a carseat in case of rain (or nosy, germey, touchy, feely strangers in the mall)
Sophie the Giraffe Teether & Vulli Pie Teether – Both are obviously just too cute for words. And I love Sophie’s little head sticking out of the side pouch like she is along for the ride 🙂
BabyGanics Hand Sanitizer – Just go ahead and buy this in bulk, especially for the newborn days
Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes – not just for hands & faces, but for pacifiers, tabletops, eating hot wings, etc.
Aveeno Baby Sunscreen – You never know when you’ll need this, so great to have on hand just in case (even if you need to use it for yourself!)
Dwell Studio Bib & Burp Cloth – Save the cute ones for the diaper bag to use in public, the carrot stained cloth diapers that we all actually use can be saved for home 🙂
Itzy Ritzy Wet Bag/Snack Bag – These are not only perfect for the occasional wet/messy outfits but I love them for additional diaper bag organization! I have one with all of the first aid stuff, another with socks/headbands/accessories & another for pacis/spoons/teethers. They are so cute & make diaper bag contents so much more fun.
Itzy Ritzy Cart and High Chair Cover – The pattern stole my heart, but I actually love this thing so much. It is so easy to put on, holds her in place very well & I love how padded it is. But seriously, the pattern… omg.

Don’t forget about your baby daddys! Brandon rocks the Diaper Dude Bag since he thinks my bag is too girly (what??? It could have been so much worse…) and he loves it! It is especially awesome for travel since it is so easy to carry, and again, has a ton of pockets. Good for guys since I think inner-bag-digging might be intimidating, so the outer zippers with the essentials might go over better 🙂

I hope you find this helpful! And of course, I can’t leave without some Harper Doodle…

 Not sure if she is showing off her teeth or acting like a pirate… but this kid’s personality is SO silly and adorable… I can’t even take it sometimes.


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