Four Years in Pictures

So hard to believe that four years have gone by! Brandon & I met on a blind date during my junior year of high school.. August marked TEN years from the day we met. I guess they say, time flies when you’re having fun! Here is a fun look back at the best four years of my life.
Our wedding day, October 11, 2008

The traditional Village People (made up my my four brothers, dad & the groom!) dance to get everyone on the dance floor.

Obviously it worked! 🙂 Our wedding was SUCH a blast!!

 We already lived in Florida at the time, so we spent the next few years making our families very jealous of our warm weather. 

Went to a lot of fun events around the Tampa Bay area!
 Ran our first 5K!

 Took lots of trips back to the midwest to get snowed on.

Then quickly remembered why we loved living in the south. Celebrating “Christmas in July” with a Swimsuits & Santa Hats party at our pool!

Played sports, watched sports, got our pirate on at Gasparilla & jammed out to ZBB live!

Shortly after we moved to Georgia in Spring of 2011, we found out there was a bun in the oven! It was crazy to imagine the journey that was in store for us… how things would change… how crazy it sounded to have a baby and be responsible for another human being. Everyone tells you about the crazy love you will feel once you have a child… but you can never, ever imagine until your day comes. The next nine months flew by, filled with worry, excitement & CHALKBOARDS! You all know what happened from there so I won’t bore you with more pictures 🙂 Our lives changed forever the day sweet Harper Eve made her arrival.

My whole life I dreamed of this life. Having extravagant, festive holidays with family, making our house come alive with kids toys scattered everywhere & goodies baking in the oven, and sneaking outside at night for a beer with my man after the kids are in bed. 
So here we are four years down the road. We are older (and therefore much wiser!), dorkier, sillier and sappier but have more fun & more in love than ever. 

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