House Tour Part One

 As promised… our house tour! This is the first floor only, for now, since the upstairs is still such a work in progress.
First stop, the kitchen! The brick is what totally sold me on this house before we even came to see it. Wonder how much I will love it when Harper is starting to put some miles on those little wheels of hers running all around the house like a wild child…

 This view of the kitchen shows the pantry to the left, the opening to the dining room in the back right & a little glimpse of our coffee area featuring our witches cauldron coffee mugs. Coffee tastes so much better from a festive cup!

Below is my favorite view in the house, standing in the middle of the kitchen! 🙂 Make note of the Cast Iron Bottle Opener mounted to the side of the cabinet. Probably the best idea I have ever had.
I love the breakfast nook, I have always wanted one & was so excited to decorate this little space. The centerpiece on the table, a reclaimed wood & cast iron caddy, is one of my favorite items in our house. They were on every table with menus/condiments in them at this little beach bar that we used to go to, I asked the waitress if I could buy one because I loved them so much, and they actually just let me have it…. boom!!

 Light Fixture, Table, Chairs belong to dining room table (set was from craigslist!)

 This is the two story family room that I literally cannot figure out how to decorate. I love the built in shelving… but the giant stairwell wall to the right may remain bare forever.


This picture helps show the layout a little more. This is the view from standing behind the couch looking back into the kitchen. The hallway to the left leads to the entryway. The doorway there in the kitchen leads to the dining room.

The dining room & formal living room are in the very front of the house. When we bought our home, I didn’t think we would use this area as much, but this is actually where we spend a ton of our time during the day! The rooms have so much light and the table & chairs make a great workspace. 

I hate, hate, double hate this mirror on this wall. Seriously, I couldn’t find anything smaller? This picture also reminds me of how badly we need to pick a new paint color for this room.

 Dining Chairs, Table from Craigslist (score!)
The carpet & baby gates make this the perfect play area for curious crawling baby! I still don’t quite know what to do with this space, but for now, it is kid proof, and I kinda like it that way. Also, this room NEVER looks like this… it is typically scattered with toys, tupperware, blankets and baby puke.

 And last, one of my other favorite parts of the house, the entryway! I love the big double doors, our bench and mirror space that I’ve always wanted to decorate, and the small half bath with a pocket door. 
 Bench & Mirror from HomeGoods
Hope you’ve enjoyed the house tour! I included sources to most of the things that I knew where they were from… I’m sure you won’t be interested in the paint color 🙂
I will leave you with yet another picture of my little Halloween Harpsicle!

Headband from Jameson Monroe, Gap Printed Leggings, Striped Onesie & Grey Tutu from Baby Gap last season

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