New Blog Design… BOOM!

The blog finally got a makeover! I am SO excited about the new chalkboard design! The design is by Kathy at Nudge Media (found her on Etsy of course!) who was awesome to work with & was able to put exactly what I had in my mind onto the page! Turns out the “Due February 22” banner really over stayed it’s welcome! 🙂

We’re not only rocking new chalk on the blog, but also in the kitchen!
I am loving all the Halloween decor around the house, sad it’s almost time to take it down, BUT cannot wait to go Clark W. Griswold style on this place very soon…. including Harper’s nursery!
While on the topic of new additions to the blog, let me present to you, the BOOs & the BOOMs! 🙂 My husband pointed out the other day that I often have a one word initial reaction to almost everything he tells me. BOO (insert sad face) if it’s something I don’t like…. and BOOM! if it’s something that makes me happy. Turns out, he was right. So I thought it might be something fun to incorporate into my ramblings on a weekly basis! Hope you like 🙂
The BOOs
Does everyone else’s baby turn into a bucking bronco during diaper changes? I shit you not, I was changing Harper’s diaper the day, and the kid literally flipped herself over while I was holding onto her ankles, and all of a sudden I am wheel-barrowing her poop-caked butt across the pack-n-play. Holy hot mess. Someone please tell me this is just a phase……?
Also, Brandon made a bomb homemade chili on Sunday (he’s always wanted to be known as the guy who makes bomb chili). It was delicious… topped with tater tots & cheese… and very spicy. I didn’t realize quite how spicy it was until I accidentally inhaled a bite and it came out my nose when Harper-the-teething-wild-child BIT MY BARE FOOT while I was taking a bite. Anklebiter – 1,  Mom – 0.
The Halloween book Goodnight Goon (recommended by many readers) which might be the most hilarious kids book of all time. For those of you who read Goodnight Moon to your munchkins, this is a must have. We crack up reading this to her at night now… not sure I’ll even go back to the original. Who am I kidding, we already watch Hocus Pocus all year long, so I guess we all know the answer to that.
Lastly, I can’t get enough of this kitty hat. Obviously by the look on her face, she certainly can.

 Kitty Hat from Gap (last season, First Favorites Onesie, Polka Dot Leggings, Ugg Bixbee Booties


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