Chalkboards, Boos & Booms!

I have some chalkboard news to share! 🙂 Per the request of many, I am going to be making some of my chalkboards available to purchase as prints!
I have done some custom work for friends & a few customers, but finally will be moving forward with making more prints available in my etsy shop! I have some new designs, some will be sayings that could be hung in a nursery, others would be perfect hung in the kitchen and of course, we can’t forget festive prints! I am still finalizing some sizing & print options (clearly you can see what I printed here didn’t quite fit well in my odd sized ikea frame) but hope to have prints available by end of week!
 I am going to be offering some MAJOR coupon codes to my blog readers, so stay tuned if you are interested! Also, if you have a saying that you’d love to see available, please feel free to contact me via the link at the top of my blog! 🙂 If you have questions regarding my chalkboards, check out this post for my tutorial as well as this link for some FAQs that I have answered.
In other chalkboard news, I am also going to begin (hopefully a series!) of videos showing some start to finish chalkboards as I draw them! (This will likely include interruptions by Harper, lots of doodling & erasing as I go, as well as a possible beer and snack break, you will witness it all!). Unfortunately, I really don’t have any tricks up my sleeve though, it really just has been a life long love of art & typography that allows me to do them… plus lots of practice. It is a work in progress, but I am super excited to share! Thank you all SO much for all of the sweet comments & feedback on the stuff I have done so far! 
Moving on to the ever so important Boos & Booms of the week!
Boo to daylight savings time! It has officially turned my baby into monster. Her sleep schedule went out the window, I am now up at 6 am and playing “guess-the-naptime” all day. Tips or tricks to surviving this?
BOOM to christmas music! Hello Elf soundtrack for the next two months. Pennies from Heaven… shoe-bee-doo-bee!! 🙂

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