Holiday Baking

This weekend was our annual holiday baking weekend with the girls & my mom. It’s always one of our favorite days of the holiday season! We did our traditional sugar cookies, my grandma’s recipe that many of you have also been using for years, which was very bittersweet as it is our first Christmas without her. She stopped making them about five years ago when her arthritis was really bad, so every year we would make them for her instead. Also, I have to add this in, just as I was typing these words, a Willie Nelson Christmas commercial just came on in the background, he was her very favorite!!!! The sweetest sign from above. We miss her so much!!

We also tried two new recipes, both were delicious and we cannot stop eating them!! My mom found the girls some mini rolling pins, so she went ahead and made the sugar cookie dough the night before, so the girls could focus on rolling all the cutouts while we made the other two types of cookies. It worked out really well since sugar cookies take a long time (frosting included). Their ages this year were amazing because they could do almost all of it on their own, their cookies turned out so cute and they had the most fun day!

Here are the recipes we used:
Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies
Classic Butter Sandwich Cookies

If you’ve never tried a butter sandwich cookie, you must must must make these. We grew up visiting Brooklyn, NY every year where my mom’s side of the family lived and would always get these from the little Italian bakery. It was so nostalgic, they tasted just like them, we were so excited! We filled them with raspberry jam but you can use any flavor.

Are you baking this year?! Would love to know your favorite, must have recipes! Happy Christmas week, friends! XO



  1. I’m going to try your chocolate cookie suggestion. One of my go to cookies every year, that is a crowd pleaser and not very common is haystacks. They are made with chow mein noodles and white chocolate. I like to top them with christmas sprinkles!

  2. Hi Jessica! I love your white walls and you talk about the sheen for your trim but can you tell me the sheen you chose for your walls? It’s beautiful

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