Christmas Books for Baby

I love the idea of the “25 Books of Christmas”. Having 25 Christmas books to unwrap during the month of December, one for every night, to then read before bed or as a family under the Christmas tree. A full on Christmas book advent calendar. How freaking festive?!

You all know me & my love of children’s books. So multiply that times Christmas… and there is no way I can resist scooping up every last festive book that I can find. I asked lots of other mommas, did some research & put together what I think would be the perfect list of 25 Christmas Books.

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

I think this is a good mixture of classics, with some silly, modern ones mixed in. Also a few goodies that focus on the true meaning of Christmas, which is so important. I also love the new traditions like The Elf on the Shelf & The Pajama Elves… So fun & magical for kids when they are a little bit older! If you have a favorite Christmas book that I have missed, please share it in the comments! I’d love to continue adding to our collection! 🙂

 We bought a few of these small picture ledges from Ikea a few weeks ago & put them up in the playroom to display all of her books. I love having all the Christmas ones on there right now, such a fun & inexpensive way to bring a little holiday cheer to the room. We love to pick a different book to read to her each night… my favorite is the Grinch. The roast beast line gets me every time! I so badly want to learn all of the words to it to recite from memory…. #newyearsresolution?

Sometimes she tries to rip out the pages.

Sometimes she tries to eat them.


And other times, she is chill as a cucumber and actually lets us read to her.


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