Christmas Favorites

Remember way back when, when I told you that I was obsessed with holidays? You have probably realized now that obsessed was an understatement 🙂

I like to incorporate the holidays into every small detail of my day… (I know, big surprise). Here are some of our favorite Christmas finds that make our days little extra merry!
Red nails from Thanksgiving until Valentines Day.
Christmas scented soaps, candles & body washes all season long.
Glitter & reindeer antlers for every occasion.

Another one of our favorites? This Santa sippy from Target! I was totally skeptical of it at first, not sure about the straw style & assumed it may leak everywhere. BUT I was proven wrong… no leaking at all! It took her a little while to get used to the straw, but after a few minutes, she got the hang of it.

I guess all of the practice of sneaking my Starbucks straw into her mouth like a ninja when I’m carrying her and turn my head has paid off. 
She likes her iced coffee unsweetened, with cream.
… kidding 🙂

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