Christmas Prints

 The 25 Days of Christmas continues!
My gift to you all this Christmas? The prints that I made for Harper’s Christmas Nursery are now available here for you to download FREE & print for your personal use! 🙂 You can right click on the pictures, save to your desktop & print instant holiday cheer!

Both are high resolution 8×10 JPG files, for personal use only.

In other news, we attempted some baby-infront-of-the-Christmas-tree pics the other day, but Harper was much more interested in the fact that she was sitting on the wood floor.
Watching Harper try to crawl in fleece pajamas across a smooth surface might be one of the funniest things that I’ve ever witnessed. It was real life kitten mittens.
I managed to capture this gem… seems like most pictures that I take of her these days are mid-babble. Her voice is also the absolute sweetest sound in the entire world.
“Mama! Just because you put a bow in my hair doesn’t mean you can dress me in boy pajamas…”
Yes, yes it does baby.

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