Happy December First!

I woke up to a text this morning from one of my favorite friends that said “HAPPY DECEMBER!” I laughed out loud and then wondered how many other people out there get this excited for December to roll around? 🙂 Let the 25 days of Christmas begin!
Today was a big day for us, Harper got to meet SANTA! My husband’s work hosted a fun Breakfast with Santa event this morning. I was excited not only for Harper to meet Kris Kringle himself, but also to avoid the awful Mall lines (and germs)… and of course for pancakes.

Hopefully she didn’t notice some of her Christmas presents, unwrapped, under the tree behind her.
Bow is from some random, overpriced kiosk in the middle of the mall.
We could only hope that she wouldn’t be that child & lose her shit in front of everyone while she got her turn sitting on his lap. Not that it would have mattered, I guess, but we certainly didn’t want her to be traumatized by Old Saint Nick! Turns out, she was totally entertained by his beard & glasses! And totally wondering why all of us were jumping around & clapping while she sat on his lap… which I think is what we captured here.

She was so sweet, got lots of pictures taken and was sure to tell Santa that she wanted a radio flyer wagon & some more stuffed foxes for Christmas!
Our sweet little girl was all worn out after such a big day. She always crosses her feet when she sits or when she is in her high chair, but this is the first time I caught her doing it while she was asleep.

Tulle Skirt & Leggings

Yes, I died from the cuteness.


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