I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year! This week has been filled with lots of cleaning, organizing & jotting down endless notes about my New Year’s resolutions!

Let’s recap some BOOs & BOOMs of 2013 so far, shall we?
So far this year I have perfected the Iced Coffee on our new Keurig (I’m such a coffee snob… I need that shit strong & bitter as all get out). So we can chalk this up as a big BOOM! Also, we started the first season of Parenthood (which it seems like everyone I know raves about!) & Courgartown returns in just a few days. A stocked DVR or Netflix playlist is BOOM in my book!
On the flip side. It turns out that we have a family of squirrels living in our attic. A congregation, if you will. So I’m really looking forward to forking over a ton of money to get THAT taken care of. Insert sarcasm font here. BOO!
What I am looking forward to, is getting Harper’s room back in order. We had fun decorating it for Christmas, but I miss the pinks & greys. I think she is looking forward to it as well.

This little doll baby is growing up way too fast. 
Also, I kind of want to blow this picture up to be the size of my entire wall.
Back to resolutions! Here is what I have so far.
1. Utilize my Pinterest recipe boards more! I get in a cooking rut all the time, I love to cook but I hate deciding what to make. I have a perfectly good resource for recipes, but always forget to use it. Who’s with me?!
2. Stay organized. I sort of laugh at this since it’s a resolution every year, BUT here is my strategy. I always think I need to document everything in excel, or in my phone or some other digital means. This year, I am going back to basics, with a notebook & pen. I am a visual person, I’m hoping this will work better for me.
3. Be the best, most fun, most festive, most loving mom & wife ever.
4. Wake up earlier so I have more time in my day to do some more ME stuff. I have unopened books that I am dying to read, endless chalkboard design ideas, DIY projects, letters/gifts/goodies to make & send to people and so much more. I get so caught up with things that I NEED to do, that I rarely have time for the little things that I want to do.
5. Expand my coffee cup collection  (Nevermind, my husband says this one doesn’t count)
5. Lay off the Fritos.
There you have it! I am all over my resolutions this year & have big plans to rock them all. 
(Not going to be mad if I fail miserably at number five) 
So, tell me, what are your resolutions!?

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