Come on in, it smells festive in here!

‘Tis the season for all the cozy home smells & DIYs!! You know we love our essential oils, we replaced candles over five years ago after learning about the effects of synthetic fragrances on hormones and have never looked back! I wanted to share with you a handful of our favorite oils for the holidays as well as a fun FESTIVE HOLIDAY BUNDLE that you can grab if you want to bring essential oils into your home!!

I’m going to keep it short and sweet and share my top FIVE must have holiday oils.
1. Christmas Spirit (a festive blend that will transform your entire home into the coziest holiday wonderland!!)
2. Peppermint (because candy canes)
3. Vanilla (what dreams are made of!)
4. Grapefruit (add to literally every blend, always!)
5. Sorry it’s a tie between Nutmeg, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Wintergreen, Cassia, Frankincense, Tangerine & Clove. You’ll want them all.

Thieves Household Cleaner is another MUST have! This highly concentrated cleaner makes up to 30 spray bottles, you’ll just add one capful of concentrate to your glass spray bottle & top with water! It is a clean, plant based, effective cleaner that you can use on every surface of your home & it smells like the holidays!! Our favorite holiday hack is to add ten drops of Christmas Spirit oil as well so it smells even yummier!! You’ll never go back to traditional cleaners after using this!!

NOW FOR THE GOOD PART!!! This month only, when you purchase anything from our FESTIVE HOLIDAY BUNDLE, you’ll get a free Home for the Holidays label for your thieves cleaner!! Which means you MUST add Thieves Cleaner to your order because it is the absolute BEST ever!!!! Are you ready to take the leap into the wonderful world of essential oils?! XO



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