Valentine’s Day Favorites

With Valentine’s Day only a little more than a month away, it’s time to start planning lots of festive February outfits! I stocked up last year on cute Valentine’s Day stuff, thinking maybe Harper would arrive in time! She was born just one day too late! 🙂 So very excited that this will be her first Valentine’s Day… but sad that it will be her last “first holiday.” We are going big on this one!
Here is a collection of all of my favorite Valentine’s gear for both little ladies & gents!

Tulle HeadbandStriped Leggings
Bee My Valentine Sweater

I think it is so fun to pick out cute boy’s clothes! Maybe because it is all new to me, but there certainly is some adorably festive attire for the little kings of your heart!

It’s also hard to believe that by Valentine’s Day, we can almost guarantee that our little doll baby will be running around the house like a wild woman!
 That’s right folks, Harper took her FIRST STEPS the other day!! She’s been standing on her own for a little while now, but had no problem walking right to me to get her little hands on my sweatshirt zipper! 🙂 The best part? We actually got it on video! As soon as I upload, I will share it!
I am trying to soak up every last minute of her being somewhat immobile, because I am well aware that shit just got real.

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