Valentine’s Day Festiveness

There are a million reasons why Valentine’s Day is amazing. Cupcakes are one of them. Or in this case, six of them. My husband doesn’t have near the sweet tooth that I do & since we are saving cake for Harper’s first birthday, I whipped these up all. for. myself. I’m not even mad about it.  You can file these under how not to lose baby weight.

My little Valentine has also been very festive lately, rocking her heart shaped elbow patches!
“Posing for a quick pic, mama. But then I gotta get back here & tear pages out of these books!”
Hat, Gap Outlet Jacket (similar here)
I grabbed this adorable Envelope Chair Backer right after Christmas (it’s on sale now!) for all of Harper’s Valentine’s Day goodies!
So what exactly is going in her sweet little envelope? Here are a few of my ideas!
I love buying Harper books for every holiday & writing inside of them. It makes bedtime stories much more fun & I know we will love looking back at her old books as she grows up!
Kids are the easy ones to give Valentine’s Day gifts to…. husbands, on the other hand? Not so much. We usually do something fun together like dinner & maybe a few small goodies. Think along the lines of these stocking stuffers! My go-to is usually some heart shaped pancakes, some sort of gadget from the hardware store (with a heartfelt note saying something along the lines of “Thanks for not being a TOOL!”) and some festive balloons tied to mini-booze-bottles! 🙂
We are so classy over here.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day gifting?


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