Easter Sunday Style

…not to be confused with Sunday Funday Style! 🙂
Picturing Harper running around our yard picking up her eggs in a fancy dress makes my heart almost burst into a million pieces. So does thinking about eating Easter candy. Am I the only one that eats all of my mini snickers crushed up & partially microwaved over ice cream? I thought so. 
Here are some of my favorite frilly fancies for Easter this year, how can we pick just one?!
Baby boys? Without a doubt, this sweater one piece. I consider it to possibly be the cutest outfit to ever exist at Baby Gap. Harper will be sporting the matching hat on Easter Eve.
I can only hope that it will actually be warm enough (and not raining for once) so we can actually do a fun Easter egg hunt in the grass. I am still bitter that it is so early this year. This morning, we had some randomly warm weather, which landed us outside “pick up sticks & put them in your mouth.” It was a great time had by all.

Floral Skinny Jeans, Hat from Baby Gap last year
Highlight of the day?
All of a sudden, I shit you not, this kid whips off her hat, closes her eyes & takes an insanely long, deep breath. It was a total “stop & smell the roses ivy” moment. I couldn’t stop laughing. I literally looked around, in hopes that someone else saw it happen. Luckily my rapid-firing-thumb was still taking pictures while it happened.

This is totally photo caption contest material.

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