One Year Recap

 Today was Harper’s one year check up. If I remember the doctor’s words correctly, it was something like “dang. baby got back.”
Baby girl is 29.5 inches (70th percentile) for height & 24 lbs (90th percentile) for weight. Our doctor confirmed that Harper is a certified badass since she is walking (almost running), says more than five words & was able to pick up on a little bit of sign language right there in the office.

 I wasn’t sure I wanted to do one of those “one year stats” posts, but I have decided that I have to. It will be fun to look back on, to remember all these things & hopefully will come in handy for baby #2… someday.
Age: One
Stats: 29.5 inches, 24 lbs, 18 inch head circumfrance
Favorite Foods: Blueberries, Lasagna, Green Beans & Graham Crackers
Favorite Words: Mama, Dada, Zee (Izzy our cat), Bop
Favorite Toy: Organic Monkey Lovie Blanket & Baby Einstein Activity Table (crazy because she’s had both of these toys for months & they are still easily her favorites)
Favorite Activities: Bath time, imitating everything we do, running laps around the dining room table, playing with mama’s lip gloss bag & going for wagon rides 
Least Favorite Activities: Getting out of the bath tub, the word “no” & being calm.
Nicknames: Harpie, Harpie Doodle, Doodle Bug, Harpsicle, Harps, Harp-dogg, Harplacher, H-bomb & Punkey.
Signature Moves: Her fake laugh. Anytime she hears other people laughing, she wants to join in, so she does the loudest, fake laugh, that sounds like a dolphin or a sheep. It is too funny to describe, but we have a hundred videos of it. Also, the memorable booty drop. Girl’s got moves.
Mom’s Proudest Moment: Accidentally looking away long enough for Harper to grab one of my tubes of mascara, unscrewed the lid & put the wand in her mouth. (Yes, I called poison control. And no, it’s apparently not harmful. But dear God, it was terrifying)
Runner Up: spilling beer on the baby when I leaned over the side of her crib to kiss her goodnight. I felt like a certified asshole on this one.
Dad’s Proudest Moment: Putting little baby Harpie on his lap during dinner, but when she sneezed, her face slammed into the table top because she was too close.
Runner up: dropping a mini-bottle of water on her leg when she was riding in the stroller just a few minutes after she got shots in that leg. (She didn’t even flinch, but dad felt awful for days)

Some other recent one year shenanigans…
The other night Harper finally pet our cat soft on her back (instead of plucking a whisker, poking an eye or trying put the cat’s tail in her mouth), and while she was doing it she said “ni…. ni….” since we always show her how to pet “nice…” I was laughing so hard that I cried, it was the sweetest moment.

I bought Lucky Charms this week (for St. Patty’s of course) & put a few on her high chair tray. She tried them & immediately proceeded to throw all of the actual cereal on the ground, only eating the  marshmallows. Smartest kid ever?

The most recent fun game she likes to play when she wakes up from a nap, she puts her head down and closes her eyes. We say “oooh night night…” and then she pops up laughing. Five hundred times.

 I could do it all day long. Although I guess that’s an easy way to get fired from my job.
This face? My heart!
That about sums up the highs & lows of Harpie Doodle’s whole first year. I never thought I could possibly love someone as much as I love this little kid. Every day with her is exponentially more fun than the last.  I fondly remember sobbing over her growing up too fast (when she was literally four days old, but I was totally bonkers at that point) but now I look so forward to all the incredible things that she learns & does.
It just keeps getting better & better mamas… you have lots to look forward to! 🙂

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