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As Harper gets older, she is really transitioning away from all of her baby things & being totally interested in all of our stuff instead. It’s a crazy thing when your child is prompting you to teach them things, they start imitating everything you do & are so totally curious. Some days you wake up with that crazy feeling, thinking “shit! should I be teaching her the alphabet? should she already know how to count to ten…?” I guess that goes hand in hand with us not saying things like “shit!” anymore.

Here’s a recap of the most recent months’ favorite things…

Infant Pumas. She only has a few pair of shoes, but these are PERFECT for a new walker. They actually stay on her feet & she can move around well in them. And they are EASY to put on. So easy that dad’s can even do it. (kidding… kinda… but seriously these are the only shoes my husband will even attempt to put on her)
Beaba Stackable Snack Container. Not much to say here other than it is perfect for bringing a variety of snacks along in the diaper bag without having crumby ziplocks everywhere.
Hand & Face Wipes. These have never become so handy. Now that the kid is running (falling), grabbing everything & eating on the go, having an outrageous amount of these stashed in the diaper bag is an absolute must.
Large Toy Ball. You know, the giant, plastic, colorful balls that husbands love to bounce around Target like children while you shop? Which is obviously a non-issue since it allows you to sneak more crap into your cart when they’re not looking. Anyway, I have caved & brought one of these puppies home. Harper is absolutely obsessed with it! It looks so huge when her tiny little hands carry it around but she loves to take it everywhere.
Radio Flyer Wagon. This was a birthday gift & is the coolest thing ever. It’s so much more fun than a stroller for taking walks around the neighborhood. It has drink holders, a sunshade & is roomy enough to lug all your gear to the park or the pool this summer. I see us getting an insane amount of use out of this in the months to come. Harper has so much fun getting pulled around in it. I do too.

Also, for those who have left comments or have asked via email, I use Adobe Illustrator to put together these monthly favorites product collages. I save the images that I find as .png files (that will keep the background transparent) & then pull them all together and add text. You can do similar things using online software, or using Microsoft tools like powerpoint or publisher. If I am just pulling a few images together without text, sometimes I use paint since it’s so easy. Hope that is helpful!

More questions like these will be answered on the blog this week, another post full of your questions answered will making it’s way to the blog in just a few days! ๐Ÿ™‚ And last but not least, remember the monthly chalkboard-inspired rounds that I used for Harper’s pictures?

I have made these available for you to download for free for personal use. These are perfect not only for a growing baby, but also a growing bump! The link is here if you would like to download them! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. The link for the chalkboard rounds is no longer working…any chance you still have that document? I used them with my first and now Iโ€™m trying to use them for my secondโ€™s monthly pics as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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