St. Patty’s Day Festiveness

It doesn’t take much to make St. Patty’s Day a little extra festive. Lots of green, shamrock shaped everything & maybe an Irish cocktail or two, and you are set! You gotta love holidays that don’t require a lot of planning or presents, just some good old fashioned shaking of your shamrocks.

These are my must-haves for an extra festive St. Patrick’s Day!

Striped Straws. An essential in making every drink just a little more festive!
Comfy Green Tee. These v-neck tissue tees are my absolute favorite, perfect to dress up with a maxi skirt or rock with comfy leggings!
Shamrock Cookie Cutter. The amount of time that I have spent cutting food into shapes for holidays is outrageous. Sandwiches, cookies, pancakes, you name it, make it shamrock shaped!
Festive Garlands. If I could only put up one single decoration for each holiday, it would be a garland. I would probably wear one & hang one in my car if people wouldn’t look at me like I was bat shit crazy. Although I suppose that means I kind of am….
The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day. We love the “night before” kids book series, showing the eves a little love! 
Outfits for the Mini. Gotta decorate the baby. (Lots of green gear here!)
And you can’t forget green food coloring & some Lucky Charms! I bought some this week when I saw them on display at the grocery store, I figured what a perfect time for Harper to try them. This morning we put them on our cupcakes, such a festive topping. My husband is always the weirdo that gets gummy worms & frosted flakes on his papaya flavored frozen yogurt, so I figured putting a little cereal on top of white cupcakes wouldn’t be too bizarre. Turns out, they are delicious, even Harper thought so. 
This kid knows what’s up when she smells cake now.
I let her pick off some of the marshmallows & make a huge mess, she didn’t actually eat the cupcake. I did though 🙂
Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day traditions?!
We are looking forward to some more festive shenanigans throughout the week, which will include me trying to avoid my husband’s requests for extravagant Irish meals & us throwing back a few tasty green beers.

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