Sweatshirt Tutorial

Thank you all for the sweet comments about my sweatshirts! I accidentally shrunk one & resorted to cutting the collar in order to make the sleeves fall so they would be long enough. I ended up loving the look, so I cut another one! 🙂 I did this with the Gap Sunkissed Pullover in green (although I was loving the grey one) but you can do this with any crewneck sweatshirt. You know I am a bargain hunter, so I got this sweatshirt 40% off a few weeks ago, Gap is always having sales so although the original price is high, there’s a good chance you can find it cheaper.

Other great options for crewneck sweatshirts you can style this way would be this Forever21 Pullover or this American Apparel Fleece.

You know I was THISCLOSE to cutting Harper’s too. But it just looked so damn cute how it was, I just couldn’t. Yet.

 Mama Sweatshirt, Baby Sweatshirt

This is super simple & anyone can do it. All you need is a sharp pair of scissors (I think mine are even made for fabric) so you don’t get frayed/jagged edges. 
Lay your shirt flat on the floor & smooth out the wrinkles (clearly I had not gotten that far in my first pic). Start with the scissors about one inch (or LESS) from the collar on one side and cut very shallow at an angle toward the center of your collar so that you actually touch it in the middle. Then scoop back up and aim for the same spot on the other side. Try your best to do long, smooth cuts to avoid jagged edges.

The trick is making sure that you don’t cut too far away from the actual collar. Although it appears that I just cut the sweatshirt straight across starting a few inches down the sleeve, that would definitely result in your shirt falling right off. A little goes a long way here! 🙂
I used the same method to cut my Hello Apparel sweatshirt shown in this post!
And please don’t kill me if you eff it up.
Maybe practice on an old fitted tshirt or something first? 🙂
Hope that is helpful, happy cutting & good luck!


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