First Day of Spring Style

Happy First Day of Spring! Although the sun is shining outside, Harper is still under the weather so we are feeling a little on the gloomy side. There is nothing worse than a sick babe! Ok, I lied, there is. A sick babe, a 4am flight home to take care of her & your car breaking down on the drive home from the airport during rush hour is worse. Come onnnn. When it rains, it pours.
We hope to be on the up-swing soon, but in the mean time, we will still welcome Spring with open arms!
little baby garvin

With warmer weather on it’s way, here are some of our Spring style favorites! Seriously all of these bright colors & the comfy, casual style has me wishing once again that all of these came in my size! Can you just imagine adults running around in ruffle rompers? 🙂
Little Baby Garvin
Ladies with little dudes, you have it GOOD right now! I have been dying over all of the new Spring stuff for boys. In fact, I have been ordering a few boys items that look a little gender neutral, for Harper to wear! Including this Grey Terry Romper, I am obsessed!
Little Baby Garvin
Around the house, we have been doing a little spring cleaning & a lot of Easter decorating. With all of our new Target sippy cups (not to be confused with target practice sippy cups) & the fun Boon Grass Drying Rack, I feel like this has turned into it’s own festive, spring-y corner of the kitchen!
I know many of you are still stuck in colder weather (I just broke out in song in my head as I typed that, ZBB, for the win) but Spring is just around the corner, so hang in there! And we will be doing the same. 🙂

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