Birthday & Beergaritas.

 Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes & sweet comments on Instagram! You all made my birthday so extra special & I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! We had such a fun weekend, complete with a night out (whoa!) & a Cinco De Mayo themed birthday party.
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 I ordered Harper the most festive purple one piece, hoping it would get here in time for the party, but of course, no such luck. So she wore her dress from Easter, which is easily one of the cutest dresses in the whole world. She had a blast running around with all the other little kiddos. 
She also had a very momentous occasion during the party, she had her first Frito!! 😉 She only ate one (and loved it of course), but unfortunately I can’t say the same. Those damn chips get me every time!

I am bummed that we didn’t get any pictures of the Taco Bar, it was gone way too quickly, but it wasn’t very pretty anyway. We stuck with paper plates & bowls for easy cleanup. Although smashing a giant pinata all over our porch totally defeated the purpose (we opted not to fill it with guac & put candy & mini plastic booze bottles inside instead). But it was a blast!

On to the good stuff. Beergaritas. They are SO. GOOD. I know there are a million names for these & probably even more recipes for them, but this is actually a drink that we started making probably four years ago when I first bought these giant glasses & we had some mini coronas leftover from our Cinco De Mayo Party.
The half-assed recipe goes something like this. Fill your blender 3/4 of the way full with ice, one frozen Minute Maid Limeade concentrate, one squeezed lime (just the juice) & as much tequila as you want. I used probably 1/4 of a regular size bottle of Jose Cuervo for each batch. (See why I suck at recipes?) Blend it. Rim your glass with salt. If your glasses won’t hold a bottle of beer, you can just add the Corona to the blender, otherwise just tip it into the glass at the end. This works best if you can find mini Corona bottles! Each batch makes about four beergaritas, depending on how big you want them! 🙂 And you’ll want them big. Because they’re delicious.
 I think we took my chalkboard saying quite literally & are now paying the price. Rule number one when you try to balance booze & babies… kids don’t give an eff if you have a hangover. 

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