Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Have I mentioned before that I hate gift guides? It’s all fun & games until someone suggests gifting a $45 candle or some outrageously priced purse.  It is rare to find one that actually has practical gift giving items. I also hate getting roped into some secret-santa-bullshit at Christmas where you give an anonymous gift to an anonymous person, requiring you to spend $20 on a gift that would suit both an 85 year old man or a 20 year old girl. Not for me.
I pride myself on being a good gift giver. 
I especially love giving themed gifts. A good way to put together a festive gift for someone is to pick up a bunch of things of the same color! Even if they don’t necessarily go together, a nailpolish, chapstick, planner, bag of striped straws & coffee mug would be a totally perfect gift when they’re all the same color! 🙂 My friend & I have been doing this for each others birthdays for years! 
With that said, here is my idea of a perfectly themed gift, a modern take on the two most traditional Mother’s Day Gifts: a bouquet of flowers or breakfast in bed!
Using a large mason jar (which doubles as a perfect vase for flowers), fill it with these Floral Socks, a Seed Bomb & a Flowerbomb Perfume Roller. Flowerbomb Perfume never disappoints, it has been my favorite perfume for a thousand years & is a totally safe, subtle scent to give as a gift.
A creative twist on breakfast in bed can be made up of this affordable & modern Coffee Press, Glass Jam Jar, Honey Pot & these Ceramic Cream & Sugar Containers. You know how I feel about white ceramic items. You could also include a bag of coffee, fresh bread or muffins & a jar of homemade jelly from your local farmers market.
Does your mama like cocktails? (If so, tell her I said hello) How about a Mother’s Day Mimosa Bar! You can easily whip this up with a few kinds of orange juice accompanied with a yummy champagne, fruit & festive straws! And if you want to be a true gift-giving-baller, throw in this amaaaaaaaaazing Mimosa Body Wash. But try not to drink it.
Of course this calls for a picture of me with my mama…. and little-teeny-tiny-chubby-wubby-squishy baby Harpie.
Hope these ideas were helpful & you feel extra inspired to find fun ways to celebrate your mamas this year! 🙂 HAPPY MAY DAY!

PSsssst. Husband. If you’re reading this. I’ll take the mimosa bar. We can pretend that you thought of 
it all on your own.

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