Weekend Recap

It’s Sunday night, the fun has been had, memories have been made & now it’s almost time to face the work week. We call this “the empties.” The lingering feeling of “blah” knowing that tomorrow you won’t get to hang out as a family & do fun stuff. It’s always worse if there is work travel in the mix. And I imagine for some of you with spouses that travel or are overseas, the empties is probably a very familiar feeling. I think we need more three-day holiday weekends in the lineup. Where exactly do you think I would go to get that put on a calendar? 🙂
This weekend we spent a fair amount of time in our pajamas, ate lots of good food & of course, blew lots of bubbles “bah-bahs.”

She can’t contain her excitement & it is oh so cute.
 My brother came to visit us from Iowa, so when we weren’t busy blowing bubbles or turning down all of the chewed up food that Harper was offering (she is learning to share…?) we grilled out & hammied in the hammocks.
 Sunday morning, we woke up to a thunderstorm. I kind of forgot how awesome it is to have a thunderstorm when you actually have no where else to be other than your bed. Scratch that. You have to be in your kids room getting them up rightthissecond because the loud thunder woke them. Still, we made the most of it with a yummy, early morning breakfast of sourdough toast (and oh yea, breakfast casserole & fruit on the side).
 The rain didn’t stop us though, we had important errands to run. Like getting ice cream.
We gave her one bite of each of ours to see which she liked better. Butterscotch beat chocolate cake batter, but in the end, her graham cracker won.

  Fuscia One-Piece, Hair Bow, Gold Shoes, Striped Scarf from J.Crew last year
The real reason for our outing was to finally go pick out paint for our downstairs bathroom! We saved this little guy as one of the last rooms to paint due to my indecisiveness. I am obsessed with dark paint, so we finally decided on Deep Space by Behr (the bottom color). It is daaaaaark. And I am excited! 
Here’s a look at the half bath now. It’s to the right of the entryway doors when you walk in & while it is very small, the ceilings are high so it doesn’t feel quite so cave-like. I found some awesome artwork that I am going to hang in there using subtle coral & mint accents.  I have my eye on these towels & these mesh baskets as possible accessories!

 We also got a new light fixture (it’s still in the box), which is my FAVORITE way to customize & update rooms. I’m so excited to see it hung! Painting sucks, but it’s a little more fun on a Friday night with some cold beer & some good music. I also like to paint funny stuff on the walls before the primer goes on. #growuppeterpan

 (You can see the Fireplace Childproofing Cover that we got, it’s not that ugly…ish)

The rest of our evening will be spent right here in front of the fire while it pours outside, making lists for the week (why is making lists so much fun?) & getting some online planning shopping in before our Florida trip. Turns out, ya can’t wear pajamas or leggings to the beach. Or to weddings.

PS. Not only did Baby Gap get a boatload of new goodies, but today is 35% off your purchase using coupon code GAP35. Jackpot! I wait until sales like this to stock up (like this adorable bow dress for Harper) since I hate paying their normally high prices.
I feel like an extreme coupon-coder.


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