The (pine)apple of my eye!

 I am a sucker for all things pineapple. So delicious (tasting) & summery (looking). We buy them fresh here in the spring/summer & eat them all the time, totally inspiring me to make some Hawaiian pizza & coconut pancakes just so I can incorporate them in recipes.
When I saw this Pineapple Print Top for Harper, I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough! Apparently she loved it too because I got some of her best smiles out of it! 🙂

I have been buying Harper 2T sized clothes from Crewcuts forever, they have fit her since she was 8 months old, they run so small. Even if the tops are long, she just wears them as a tunic/dress! They also shrink pretty well if you want to size something even smaller, which I’m obsessed with doing just so Harper can wear their cute stuff! (They often have 30% off & free shipping on kids stuff!)
For those of you who have asked how I get Harper to keep her headbands & sunglasses on, I have two tricks. I started putting her sunglasses on outside when it was really bright, she obviously realized that they helped her see better, so she never took them off. As soon as we walk inside though, she usually takes them right off. For headbands, I distract her when I put them on. Like hand her the remote or my phone while I put it on, then she doesn’t even notice. If I try to adjust it after it’s been on for a while, she will realize it’s there & instantly wants it off. So I get only one shot to get it right! 😉


 Here is a collection of my favorite pineapple inspired pieces this season! I am obsessed with the ombre straw hat + pineapple swimsuit combo!

And of course, there are fresh pineapples getting cut into star shapes to throw in our festive, patriotic sangria for Memorial Day! It’s easier than you think, if you buy a container of fresh pineapple that is cored, cut it into long strips rather than rings. The thinner & further towards the outside of the pineapple, the easier to cut. Then just take your favorite mini cookie cutter & go to town! 

This process is messy & sticky as hell though. You have been warned. But also delicious. So nobody is going to judge you if you decide to lick it off the counter top.

Happy Weekend!

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