A post about toast.

Toast. What a better topic to write about when we are all sick.
I have a strange obsession with toast. It is totally the most underrated snack of all time. I think in college, I once ate nothing but toast for like six months (minus midnight pizzas) & I still love it. Also, given my love for design, I have a major obsession with pretty packaging. 
Wondering where I’m going with this? I give you, my Toast Tray! 🙂 
I have been trying to find a way to display a few little pretty packaged pantry items but also hating the clutter of things on my counter. I came across this wooden tray a few weeks back & knew it would be perfect. I added this butter dish & this labeled kitchen glass beaker.
I love the idea of being able to switch out some of the pantry items for each season. It is currently stocked with some Fall-ish items, since my mind is totally off in a pile of leaves right now. I put out some jams/jellies, some sea salt (not really for toast, but I loved the packaging) & as you saw on my Instagram, the prettiest bottle ever of Spiced Apple Syrup. I also love this glass jam jar, which would be perfect to refill with your favorites at any time.

 And what’s a post about toast without some actual toast? My favorite breakfast (second to donuts, and probably about five hundred other things that involve bacon) sourdough toast with almond butter & sliced strawberries. 
I know, it doesn’t get much more random than this.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes! We are all starting to feel a little better already AND the sun is shining. Amen!

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