Summer Nights

Look at me, being good, posting about summer since it’s still technically summer. I’m not gonna lie though, this might be the very last time I mention it.
Here is our roundup of our current Summer Night favorites! 🙂

1. Harper’s cute glow-in-the-dark pajamas from the other day are on super sale right now, marked down with an additional 40% off using coupon code Wednesday.


2. My favorite jean shorts that I am always wearing (some of you asked about them on Instagram) are also on SALE, they are so comfy & are the perfect length! I told you I am an extreme coupon-coder!

3. Before summer is over, I am determined to have full blown picnic somewhere. We eat outside often, but I am talking blankets, picnic baskets, an entire however-many-course meal, somewhere. Ok, it may just be our backyard. But, you know you wanna have one too! 🙂 I love the idea of using kraft gable boxes for individually packed baskets. This would be such a fun theme for a summer birthday party too! Lots of inspiration can be found on my newest picnic board on Pinterest. Fun fact: my husband proposed to me over a picnic. Maybe that’s why they hold such a special place in my heart!

4. I am loving the Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets for summer sleeping. With the air on and the temperature in the house always changing, these are the perfect lightweight, breathable blankets to let Harper sleep with at night. I had them put away forever but so glad I got them back out again! 🙂

5. If you have not made homemade ice cream sandwiches with graham crackers & cool whip, you MUST. Seriously, I can’t stop eating them. I am already drooling over the thought of adding some pumpkin pudding to the cool whip for Fall.

6. I have been obsessed with these outdoor solar lanterns from Target forever & just discovered that they are all on clearance in stores! You bet I was that girl, pushing one cart full of groceries & a kid, pulling another cart behind me stuffed with two giant-ass-lanterns. And yes, I still stopped to sample the random wine & cheese station on my way to checkout.
But, well worth it. Symmetry like this makes me stupid happy.

We also desperately need a doormat. Or at least some pumpkins.
And speaking of pumpkins.
7. The very first glimpse of Fall has officially made it’s way to Baby Gap with this must-have hat!
Be still my Halloween loving heart.

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