Celebrating 28!

 Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, he turned 28. So basically thirty, I tell him.

We kicked off the morning (aka. the ass crack of dawn, as you can see it’s still basically dark out) with Mancakes. Pancakes & bacon, the manliest breakfast I could think of. I guess it would be more manly if it didn’t have a sparkler on top, but he did get to light it with a blowtorch.
 Let’s be honest, nobody wants their bacon cooked inside their pancakes, bacon is just too good. So I just stacked them & smothered them in syrup. This is stomach-ache-worthy, so beware.

Even though dad had to go to work, I thought we’d celebrate him by doing one of his favorite things with Harper, GOLF! She just got a new golf set that she is obsessed with, so rather than dragging it all around the house, we headed outside so she could practice her swing! 😉 

True story, one of my first times golfing, I accidentally hit my ball towards another tee box where another group of golfers were standing. I loudly yelled, NINE! like a complete asshole because that’s what hole they were on. Turns out, you yell “FOUR” no matter what, it has nothing to do with the number. My husband will never let me live that one down.

Quite possibly the cutest little golfer of all time.

Next up? Birthday treats. We decided to bake some lemon cupcakes, dad’s favorite, to take to surprise him at his office.  I just used a box cake mix (gasp!), with homemade buttercream & topped them with blueberries.

The cupcakes were a hit at the office but I think everyone enjoyed this scrumptious little lady even more.

 And we ended the evening with his favorite dinner, hot beef & gravy over mashed potatoes (we are SUCH midwesterners), ice cream cake & a few cold ones on the back porch. A solid celebration if you ask me! 😉

Glasses | String Lights

Happy Birthday, my love! We are the luckiest ladies in the world to call you ours!

But as you all know, birthdays last all week in our house, so the festivities aren’t over yet!

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