House Tour: One Year Later

 Hard to believe we have been living in our house for just over a year now! It is very rare that it isn’t decked out for some sort of holiday, so I thought this would be a perfect time to do an updated house tour before it gets covered in pumpkins & Christmas lights in the upcoming months.
It’s very apparent after looking at these pictures that I am obviously afraid of color. Neutral much? I’m so lame. 
But that fear of color clearly translates into me going out of my way to hide disguise the bucketloads of kids toys that lurk around every corner. I like to have a space that is kid friendly, without looking like we live in a primary colored plastic playground.

The living & dining room, in the front of the house, was one of the hardest rooms to decorate. Obviously by the looks of giant blank wall, it still is. We wanted this room to be totally kid proofed (this is the room that we had completely baby gated when Harper was younger).
We filled the room with a pair of durable chairs, a thrifted dining room table & Ikea dining room chairs with washable slipcovers. We hung some pendant lights, bamboo blinds & a large mirror in the dining room. The mirror was just a cheap Home Goods mirror, meant to be hung vertically, but was just the right size for our space.
Still planning to switch out the chandelier over the table for something a little more modern, maybe like this filament chandelier, but like a fourth of the price? 🙂 Changing light fixtures makes the biggest difference in updating a space, my husband would know, he has changed eleven since we’ve moved in. Eeek.

Fur Pillows from Target last year (similar here)
 Harper’s teepee & a large basket house most of her toys, as well as small tubs that we slide under each of the two chairs.

This random framed artwork was a watercolor painting that I made when I was TWO. My grandparents saved it for me & gave it to me as a gift when I got my first apartment. It is one of my favorite things in the whole house. And such a fun idea for something you can do with your own kids!

We applied these childproofing corner pads to our dining room table, upside down though so they wouldn’t look as awful. These have been a savior for all the times that Harp slams into them when running laps.
A few mason jars filled with crayons make for a fun playroom feel for a simple dining room table centerpiece. I know, I’ll be kicking myself in the ass the day Harper turns one of the white slipcovers into a canvas. Wait for it.

The entryway is pretty bare when there are no holidays, but this is Harper’s favorite room to play in. We keep another basket in here for some more of her toys, which are usually neatly lined up on this bench. It is totally her little play table.

 In the family room, I finally found an oversized matte frame at the PB Outlet that will be hung on the staircase wall. I’m sure it will look totally too small, but I just can’t decide on anything else.

 And for the console, booze on top, toys in the bottom. This bar tray will only get to stick around for a few more weeks, as Harper inches closer & closer to reaching it.
I was a little nervous about Harper’s Anywhere Chair being white, but so far so good!

I leave this felt garland hung on the mantle year round. I love how festive it feels even when there isn’t a holiday. I can hardly wait to hang my Fall garland soon!!
If you look closely here, you can see “Bobby the baby” getting a wagon ride down the hallway. 
Oh hey, the toast tray! 🙂
And our super bare breakfast nook just looks sad when there are no holidays. I’m not sure I’ve ever taken a picture of the chalkboard bare, but it won’t last long. Fall/Halloween prints are coming soon!

And of course, the coffee station. Where we clearly love coffee so much that we need two coffee pots. And yes, I totally bought that bag of coffee just for the packaging. And because it matched my straws.

I promise our house isn’t always this clean either. It only lasts for a few minutes before Hurricane Harper goes through it. Upstairs to come soon! 🙂
Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! Here’s a little Doodle Bug cuteness too, just for fun.
Fur Pillows from Target last year (similar here
I tried to link everything that has been asked about before, if there is something that I left off, please ask in the comments & I will be sure to update or reply! 🙂

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